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Feats List

Feat Prerequisites Benefits Type Source
Acrobatic Dexterity 13 or higher, proficiency with Acrobatics Increase Str/Dex by 1, double proficiency on Acrobatics, stand up from prone with 5-feet of movement, advantage on Dexterity checks once per short rest   5eFeats
Beast Trainer The ability to acquire a beast companion. Improve your beast companion’s CR and HP   PA:B
Breaker Strength 13 or higher +5 to break objects, take a penalty to exhaust enemies   PA:B
Brutal Pugilist   Unarmed strike gains versatile, deal unarmed damage when grappling, resist being swallowed   PA:B
Composite Bow Master Strength 13 or higher Increase Str/Dex by 1, proficiency with bows, use Strength with bows   PA:B
Drunken Brute   Increase Constitution by 1, drink alcohol to heal, rage longer when consuming alcohol   PA:B
Elemental Fury The ability to enter a rage Gain advantage on saves against elemental effects, rage longer when hit with elemental damage   PA:B
Exotic Weapon Master   Increase Str/Dex by 1, declare weapons as exotic, gain additional benefits with exotic weapons   PA:B
Invulnerable Rager The ability to enter a rage. Resist bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage. While raging, resist all damage except psychic.   PA:B
Rage Mage The ability to enter a rage and the ability to cast at least one spell. Increase spellcasting ability by 1, cast and concentrate on spells while raging   PA:B