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Leather Wing

Image used with permission from Silver Games LLC

Leather Wing Traits

Unlike the feathery wings of a pegasi, you have the leathery and furry wings of a bat. You are at home in underground places away from the reach of the sun. Wings: Your base flying speed is 30 feet. You cannot fly if you are wearing armor you are not proficient in, armor not tailored to accommodate your wings, or a backpack not specially tailored to your wings. While flying, you are vulnerable to piercing damage, and you have disadvantage on Strength checks to interact with objects that are on the ground. You fall to the ground at the end of your turn unless you move at least half your fly speed during your turn. In Darkness Thrive: You have darkvision 90 feet, but have disadvantage to any save against light based effects. Weapon Proficiency: You are proficient with the whip. Ability Score Increase: Increase Wisdom by 1.
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