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Unicorn Traits

Unicorns, easily identified by the long horn in the center of their brow, are masters of the magic of force, able to exert pressure from a distance with clever mental fingers. Telekinesis: You lose the fingerless quality, being able to use weapons and equipment as well as a normal human. You may use Intelligence instead of Strength for melee attacks or other actions involving a held item, and may grapple creatures more than one size larger than yourself. Distant Focus: You may perform a physical action (such as attacking someone not standing beside you with a sword, picking a lock across the room, or shutting a door) up to 30 feet away. This action must use your Intelligence if Strength would be called for. If the task normally requires Intelligence or Dexterity, you are at disadvantage. You must be able to see what you are working with. Ability Score Increase: Increase Intelligence by 1.
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