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Sun Cat

Image used with permission from Silver Games LLC

Sun Cat Traits

Civilized predators, sun cats are fiercely loyal to their pride and artisans of considerable skill. They claim no territory for their own and are well, if cautiously, received wherever they travel. Ability Score Increase: Your Strength and Wisdom scores increase by 1. Age: Sun cats mature at the same rate as humans and live about as long. Alignment: Sun cats tend toward neutrality as a whole, but taken individually, they exhibit the entire spectrum of alignments. Size: Your size is Medium. Speed: Your base walking speed is 40 feet. Claws: You have a natural claw attack that you are proficient with. When making an attack with your claws, you deal 1d4 + Strength modifier piercing damage. Feline Senses: You have darkvision out to 30 feet. Also, conditions of dim light do not cause disadvantage for your Wisdom (perception) checks based on sight, and you gain advantage on Wisdom (survival) checks that rely on your sense of smell. Feline Speed: You can use the Dash action as a bonus action. In addition, you gain a +1 bonus to Initiative checks. Fingerless: Sun cats may use their mouth as one hand and are considered small sized for sake of what they can wield or not. Four-Legged: Being a four legged creature, you can bear greater weights (50%) than a human of the same Strength without being encumbered. Any roll to avoid becoming prone is made with advantage. Languages: You speak, read, and write Common and Sylvan. Pride Tactics: You have advantage on attack rolls against an enemy if at least one of your allies is within 5 feet of the enemy and the ally is not incapacitated.
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