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Spell Filter Tools

This filter tool was provided by Brian@dxContent.com from  www.dxContent.com
How to use these tools:
  1. On the Step 1 tab, choose your sources (at the moment there is one source, and it is selected)
  2. On the Step 2 tab, you can set up your filters, For example to see all Wizard cantrips:
    1. Set “Spell Level Between” to 0 and 0 (or just 0)
    2. Under Classes section, check the Wizard checkbox
  3. On the Step 3 tab, click either of the quick fetch buttons (sort by name or sort by level, name).
    1. This will give you a list of spell names with hyper links to the spell details.
    2. You can turn of hyperlinks and turn of the level indicator using the checkboxes under the quick fetch buttons.
  4. use the Step 4 tab for more advanced output options:
    1. Click “Random” spell table to turn the results from tab 3 into a random roll table.
    2. Click “Spell Details” to get all the spells with the full description from tab 3 (limit 50).
    3. Click “Line of names separated with semicolons to get a single line of text with all the spell names.
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