The journalist is a new proposition. Many try their hand at it but few wield both the insightfulness and wit needed to excel at the duties. With your skills, gear, and connections, you’ve found you can make a livelihood in this career a possibility. Journalists have a way of stumbling, or perhaps confidently stepping, into areas fraught with intrigue and danger and leaving with a story that may soon find its way to the next news cycle.

Skill Proficiencies: Choose two: Investigation, Insight, or Persuasion

Tool Proficiencies: Calligrapher’s Supplies

Equipment: A leatherbound notebook, a set of Calligrapher’s Supplies, a short list of mostly useless rumors, a set of traveler’s clothes, and a pouch with 8 sp.

Stuck Your Nose

You stuck your nose where it didn’t belong and offended someone powerful. This person may now have a passing distaste or personal vendetta against you. Either way, you’ve rattled a hornet’s nest and there’s sure to be consequences in the future. Roll on the list provided to determine who you’re currently at odds with or choose one which suits your character best.

d6 Individual
1 Bumbling Local Mayor
2 Seedy Town Guard
3 Reclusive Wizard
4 Wealthy Merchant
5 Corrupt High Priest
6 Warmongering Knight

Feature: Get ‘em Talking

You have a way with people and know how to get their tongues wagging. Often the information gained in this way is hearsay, but with some frequency you’re able to track down eyewitness accounts. This can almost always be achieved without the exchange of coins, as the common folk find it tantalizing to see their name in print.

Suggested Quirks

Each journalist has their own way of doing things and is likely to draw a reputation around their various idiosyncrasies and specific interests. You are no different. Select a quirk from the list provided or make one of your own. Your quirk doesn’t define your only method but is perhaps your go-to or most peculiar.

d6 Quirks
1 You’re eager to cut the crap, get to the source, and ask the hard questions. Tact is for the meek.
2 You’re a “leave no stone unturned” sort of person. Everything must be worked through, even if everyone else believes it to be pointless.
3 You love the salacious angle and believe it to often be the correct one.
4 You have strong words against those in power and believe yourself to be a voice for the people.
5 You’re not above taking a bag of coin in return for focusing your ire and writing at specific incidents and individuals.
6 You love tales of the wild and bizarre and are eager to put yourself where those sorts of stories happen.
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Knights of the Shadow Realm, Copyright 2020, David Barrentine

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