Within Oranthos, the power of politics often reigns supreme. Who you know, what they control, and how much leverage you have on them can work wonders in assisting you in your attempt to climb up the social ladder. In times of war, when the apple cart is upset, those in political power are often those most strategically placed to fill their own basket with surplus apples before it’s all over. In times of peace, politicians stand ready at the market to receive said applecart and tax for themselves the first fruits at every opportunity.

A lobbyist’s role is to attempt to gain favor, by hook or by crook, with the important politicians of the realm. Though you may not be of noble birth, you have found ways of rubbing shoulders with those in power and have managed to use this position to advance causes that you care about or that pay you well…or, more likely, both. Lobbyists usually have a hot-and-cold relationship with many people they come into contact with. On one hand, you likely have subtle boons and coin that you can deploy to curry favor and fatten the pocketbooks of those you woo. On the other hand, your presence can also be seen as unwelcome or manipulative to others. As a lobbyist, you’re comfortable in this space. After all, you’re here to get things done, not to make friends.

Skill Proficiencies: History, Persuasion

Languages: One language of your choice

Equipment: A list of contact information for three politicians you’ve worked with in the past, a vial of perfume, a set of fine clothes, and a pouch with 19 gp.


Agenda Representative

You work closely with an organization, guild, or other group of people to further their agenda and goals. You might be a part of this group yourself, or you may simply represent them for the coin they provide. Either way, you have a mandate to promote their interests whenever you interact with persons of power or affluence. Below is a sample list of agendas a lobbyist in Oranthos might pursue. Choose one from the list provided or work with your GM to make one of your own.

d6 Agenda
1 A sect of necromancers want more prominence in the regional arcane universities.
2 A group of blacksmiths want exclusive rights to produce arms and armor for the military.
3 A group of wealthy individuals wish to be allocated a large chunk of land to expand the reach and production of their estates.
4 A local church wishes to make two other religions illegal within the region.
5 A group of fishermen want the military to drive out all aquatic humanoids from their coastal region.
6 A collection of knights are looking for a city or kingdom to fund their crusade into the lower planes.

Feature: Services Rendered

As a lobbyist, you have the agenda you’re working towards always in mind. Whenever you successfully gain a boon for an organization, you are awarded a bonus. This might come in the form of direct coin, but may also appear as favors, rare materials, or valuable insight into a current situation or area of research. Your GM determines the exact nature of the bonus and the timeline in which it will be delivered, but it should ideally be paid within 30 days of you acquiring the boon.

Suggested Quirks

Each lobbyist has a personality that puts them at odds with some and endears them to others. Often, this is a carefully cultivated persona designed to produce a desired outcome. Few are the lobbyists that are genuine through and through, as the world of politics produces far more silver-tongued, fair-weather associates than straight-spined, trustworthy souls. Select a quirk from the list provided below or feel free to come up with one of your own.

d6 Quirks
1 I always try to secure support for my agenda, even from those with no apparent power or connection. You never know when things will change.
2 I’m a connector. I try to get to know everyone and then find a way to put the right two people in a room to get things done.
3 I believe dirt is the great motivator and strive to collect as much material on those in power as I can.
4 I believe that the military often holds the greatest sway. I have little time for actual politicians.
5 I have dreams of fitting into the political scene myself one day and am constantly looking to position myself for such an opportunity.
6 I never arrive to a meeting or event empty handed and pride myself at excelling at gift-giving.
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