Wandering Altruist

You believe that the greatest life one can live is spent in service to their fellow person. To that end, you have worked to develop a skill set designed to benefit those around you.

As you wander the landscape, you constantly look for opportunities to lend a hand to those in need. Others may look upon your lowly existence as something to be pitied or as a life that’s wasted, but you are content in watching the good you spread take root and flourish throughout the communities you interact within.

Skill Proficiencies: Medicine, Religion

Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism Kit

Equipment: An Herbalism Kit, two flasks of holy water, a set of common clothes and robes of your order, a book of inspiring prose, and 5 sp.


A Different Path

The Frays are not known to be an exclusive guild and are quite regular in their willingness to include any altruist into their ranks. So the question begs to be asked, why are you still an outsider? Work with your GM to determine a suitable answer or roll on the chart below.

d6 Reason
1 I live in an isolated part of the continent and have yet to come across the Frays.
2 I appreciate the joy that comes from giving to others, but even I have my limits.
3 I have found myself at odds with certain members of their order and refuse to join until they are removed.
4 I used to be a guild member, but couldn’t bring myself to be fully devoted to their cause.
5 I feel that joining an organization would only get in the way of my work with the common folk and reduce the amount of time I could devote to my community.
6 I’m highly suspicious of any organization and expect each one to be filled with abuse and corruption. My guess is the Frays are no different.

Feature: Garnered Goodwill

Your travels are met with a collection of individuals that have heart-felt gratitude toward you. Whenever you are in an area that you have previously visited, there is a possibility that someone will remember you from your last visit. If so, that person considers you an ally and is friendly toward you, speaking on your behalf to other locals in the area. This person may also be eager to return the favor, offering hospitality, insight, or resources when you find yourself in need. Because you typically deal with those truly in need, it is unlikely that this person is of high status or station.

Suggested Quirks

As a wanderer of the realms, your personality is influenced by a mixture of all the different cultures and people you’ve interacted with throughout your life. As an altruist, you tend to see the best in people and are eager to work towards a more united community, kingdom, and world. Choose a quirk from the table below or feel free to create your own.

d6 Quirks
1 With each new location you visit, your first priority is learning about their unique medicinal potions.
2 You feel it is your duty to impart a portion of your wisdom to the locals wherever you visit.
3 There is an explicit process that needs to be followed for each person you care for. Straying too far from this routine could lead to misfortune in your eyes.
4 You insist on owning only what you can carry. Anything else is considered excessive.
5 You try to avoid partaking in food or drink that is unhealthy or frivolous, preferring simple meals of clean food and water.
6 You are raising funds to build a hospital or orphanage, though the process has been slow thus far.
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Knights of the Shadow Realm, Copyright 2020, David Barrentine

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