Vengeful Spirit

You grew up believing that you had been wronged, or that it was your place to right the wrongs of the world.

Perhaps your parents died in a robbery gone wrong, where they were the tragic victims. Perhaps you grew up hearing voices that told you what was right and what was wrong, and as you grew older, they stayed with you and now tell you that you have the power to fix things. Perhaps you’re simply delusional beyond belief.

Whatever the case, you spent your days pretending to be a normal citizen or resident of your local area, but when the night fell, you assumed a separate identity and struck fear into the hearts of criminals.

One day though, things went too far – and you had to leave your territory behind. You still carry the spirit with you wherever you go, and simply see your adventuring career as the next step. Where before you dealt with small-time criminals like burglars and thieves, now you’ll be dealing with crimelords and evil on a massive scale.

And you’re just the person for the job – at least so you tell yourself. After all, if you can hold back the darker urges inside you, by doing this, perhaps you can save yourself too.

You should work with your GM to determine what drives you? Is it vengeance for something done to you in the past? Is the slight real or imaginary? Were you a successful vigilante? Do you hear voices in your head? Are they imaginary or is there really someone talking to you? And if they are talking to you, who is it?

  • Skill Proficiencies: Intimidation, Stealth
  • Tool Proficiencies: Disguise kit
  • Equipment: 2 sets of common clothes (one of which is dark, and intimidating), and a pouch with 10 gp.

Feature: I Am The Night

You’ve learned to strike fear into the hearts of criminals everywhere – they’re all the same, and the tricks to fool them and intimidate them remain constant. They do not fear the law.

They fear you. As such, whenever you make an Intimidation check against someone who is deemed a criminal (by you, as determined by the Gm [they do not have to have broken a law, they merely have to have acted in a manner you deem to be immoral]) you gain advantage on the check.

Suggested Characteristics

You spent your life hiding your real activities and motives – the ones you lived for during the night – from those around you. At the same time, you had to try to keep up appearances so that those you loved or knew wouldn’t be hurt.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I am never the first person to talk. Instead, I watch and wait.
2 I bristle at even the slightest law infraction, and have to restrain myself from acting on it.
3 I believe that the city guards everywhere are inept and need my help.
4 I secretly feel superior to those around me.
5 I fear that one day I’ll succumb to one of the darker urges, and people will get hurt.
6 I am almost always in pain from bruises and cuts. I have to hide that fact, always.
7 I am always in control.
8 I jump into the action without thinking about the consequences.
d6 Ideal
1 Justice. I make certain that everyone is treated justly. (Lawful)
2 Bloodlust. I use my actions as a cover for beating up people. (Evil)
3 Fear. I enjoy striking fear into those who oppose me. (Chaotic)
4 Ambition. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep people safe. (Any)
5 Charity. I help those in need, often to the detriment of myself. (Good)
6 Redemption. I wronged people in the past. Now I will do better. (Good)
d6 Bond
1 I will protect this city.
2 I once attacked an innocent, causing them great harm. I atoned, and we became close.
3 I’m paying off my debt to society by using my old knowledge for the greater good.
4 I’m sworn to valor. I never back down.
5 I am a protector, the shield of the innocents.
6 I’ve had to cut ties with my family to pursue this lifestyle. Perhaps one day I can return home.
d6 Flaw
1 I believe that I am better than those around me.
2 I am always right. Always.
3 I plan everything in advance and I don’t do well when the plans fall apart.
4 I judge others harshly when they fail – and myself even more so.
5 My focus on fighting crime leads me to focus on the after effects rather than preventing them in the first place.
6 I see crime everywhere, even where there is none. This angers me.
Section 15: Copyright Notice

Ancestral Anthologies Vol. 2: Fox & Fae © 2020, Beyond the Horizon; Author: Kim Frandsen.

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