Some rich kids like to slum it up by going to a dive bar and maybe fighting some commoners with a chair. Some adventurers hunt for gold, glory, or even god on a quest for a legacy. You…you do so because of a life of boredom. You are a child of luxury with no responsibilities except listening to your tutors prattle on about balancing your family’s accounts and your familiar history. You’ve escaped for a while and have decided that the stories you heard about adventurers questing across the world were far more entertaining. You’re a gentleman or lady hiding among the rabble as they try to scrape by in these dungeons, and you’re just here for a good time.

Skill Proficiencies: Persuasion, Deception
Languages: One of your choice
Tool Proficiencies: Disguise kit
Equipment: A set of fine clothes, a signet ring, a book of adventuring stories, disguise kit, and a leather bag containing 15 gp

Feature: Do You Know Who My father Is?!

You might have started being an adventurer for fun, your lavish lifestyle follows you out into the country where you flex your social might. When you enter a town or larger and stay at an inn, if these people of the inn would know who your parents are, you can get the best room in the inn for free. If someone of higher social standing is there, this does not work.

Suggested Characteristics

Dilettantes are children of luxury who have joined the rule world and have views to match that lifestyle. Most have an education, but how the interact with others and their philosophies are shaped by how they grew up and whose tutelage they grew up under.

The worst aspects of a spoiled rich kid are on display when their flaws come to the surface.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I want to be the heroes in the books I’ve read.
2 I don’t respect anyone whose rich because they just inherited it and don’t want to be that as well.
3 Studs/chicks dig scars.
4 The nouveau riche don’t know how to party, but the commoners do.
5 I want to help, but moving money in books won’t cut it.
6 No one learned anything of value from a book.
7 While they pay for me to live, my family doesn’t really care about me.
8 Those adventuring commoners think they know what they are doing, but I really know what’s going on.
d6 Ideal
1 Power. I have the money, now I want real strength to rule. (Lawful)
2 Experience. My family’s manse is more a gilded cage. (Chaotic)
3 Legacy. It’s far too boring to just read an adventure, I want to live it! (Chaotic)
4 Fun. No one has an amazing party in a stuffy estate. (Chaotic)
5 Community. I can do real good outside of the freehold instead of inside. (Good)
6 Tradition. My family was built on adventurers, and I want to keep that alive. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 One of these people knows who I am, so I must keep with them to keep them quiet.
2 I want to stay with these people because my family is horrible.
3 I know my family is almost bankrupt, and adventuring is a way to make a fortune quickly.
4 I don’t want to be known as only the rich scion.
5 I need some good stories to woo the men/ladies.
6 I’m going to make my own house and fortune.
d6 Flaw
1 I think these plebes just don’t know how to do anything right.
2 I find poor people’s cultures quaint and adorable to the point where I tell them so.
3 It’s hard for me to imagine that some people must fight for money.
4 I think you really can’t trust the poor because we all know they got this way for a reason.
5 I’m doing this so my parents will see I’m not a failure.
6 I’m only concerned how good a story this will make, and not how dangerous it is now.
Section 15: Copyright Notice

5-for-5e Book 2 – 5 Backgrounds for 5e. Copyright 2017 d20pfsrd.com Publishing; Author: Ed Kabara

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