Though you hold no special title or position, you are an inveterate seeker of truths. To this end, you find yourself compelled to search in dangerous locations, and are the first to broach understanding or gather clandestine pieces of information. These traits can bring you to intense danger, but they do not hinder their quest for knowledge.

You are likely to gather teams meant to explore the unknown, pushing them into action despite any of their natural misgivings. It is your bravado and ingenuity that keeps your team anchored and united against the darkness and its denizens. What you do not anticipate, however, is that your search for the truth may lead you to your own end, or worse.

Skill Proficiency. Survival, Investigation

Languages. Any Exotic

Equipment. Investigator’s kit, traveling clothes, three days rations.

Feature: Trusted Source

People may see you as a madman seeking information that no one wishes to unearth, but they realize that you are likely to know more than most about the horrors that rampage across the countryside.

You may, in fact, have a tidbit of information that may help fell a marauding beast or cure an obscure disease, poison or curse. But more than that, people see in you a hope against the helplessness that plagues their daily existence. As the days grow ever further towards the lip of oblivion, you will be among the few trusted to help the beleaguered, as long as they don’t happen to think that you propagated these terrible events.

You are likely to be sought as a voice of reason and are even given information on various perils. A noble may trust you to keep his dark secrets, provided you can help rid him of a supernatural problem. A group of cloistered clerics may turn to you in their darkest hour when their monastery is beset by some unimaginable monster, and these people can become valuable allies and informants as you continue to seek new and mind-numbing truths.

d6 Bonds
1 I owe my life to a mentor who has shown me how to combat the dark.
2 I search for a cure for my sister’s disease, brought about by evil forces.
3 My duty is to the helpless innocents.
4 The darkness has taken something from me, and I plan to carve a repayment.
5 The encroaching darkness has taken from me a special person that I wish to honor.
6 I hope to inspire others to fight. The darkness cannot be combated alone.
d6 Flaws
1 My social skills are lacking.
2 I suspect treachery everywhere.
3 I can speak endlessly about monster lore.
4 I have no need for coin unless it can help me fight evil.
5 I’d rather kill monsters than help the wounded or needy.
6 I am as remorseless as the things I hunt.

Alternate Feature: Agent of the Crown

You are investigating directly under the auspice of some organizational sanction. You may or may not share this information with everyone, but your objectives are aligned with your benefactors. As such, you have a more focused and supportive network of contacts. While you may not garner sympathy or trust from others, you are backed by your organization, and can regularly expect to receive supplies and equipment as long as you are doing your duty, as well as safe houses and assistance from other agents that share your cause.

If you are in a large population center, you can make contact with a fellow agent within 1d12 hours, and receive a tangible resupply within 3d12 hours.

Suggested Characteristics

As an investigator, you do things that others wouldn’t do and know things that others wouldn’t think to consider. There are many traits that may exemplify an investigator, but normal would not be prominent among them.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I can’t stop asking questions!
2 I have amazing powers of deduction, and I leave no clue uninspected.
3 I require silence to do my work. I detest noise.
4 My art is as important as my investigation, and I often paint what I find.
5 The truth does not come to those who wait. I must seek it regardless of the cost.
6 The darkness is my friend, and I feel lonely without it.
7 I am only at ease when investigating. Sitting still for too long is unsettling.
8 Investigation comes easy to me, and it bores me, but I am too good at it to stop.
d6 Ideals
1 Duty. The work of investigation is too important to abandon. (Lawful)
2 Revenge. Information is power, and it can bring enemies to their knees.(Any)
3 Charity. The truth is beautiful. The darkness can only be dispelled with light. (Good)
4 Anarchy. Oppressive forces cannot keep the truth from surfacing. (Chaotic)
5 Creativity. The compulsion to learn about the world is strong, and I cannot resist its call. (Chaotic)
6 Tradition. Obligation supersedes many things, including fear of the unknown. (Lawful)
d6 Bonds
1 I have a fellow investigator with whom I trade information. I seldom see them, but our bond is deep.
2 My family does not like my work, but they love me, and I, them.
3 My loyalty is to my kingdom, and my fealty drives me to discover things to help keep it safe.
4 I love my benefactor, and do everything for them, even if they were not of a higher station.
5 A lead is valuable, and I will chase it until I can crack it, or discern it as false.
6 My memories will outlive my descendants if I can live to complete them.
d6 Flaws
1 I dislike sleeping indoors.
2 I trust no one unless they have thoroughly proven themselves.
3 I speak in a strange affectation, sometimes peppering in odd phrases or exotic languages.
4 I dress and live like a peasant. I would never want to stand out.
5 I communicate through writing more often than speech, and I often use ciphers.
6 For me, no topic or knowledge is off limits.
Section 15: Copyright Notice

5th Edition Horror. © 2018, Fat Goblin Games; Author: Ismael Alvarez

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