Monster Hunter

To hunt monsters, you must have a strong moral compass and clearly understand that evil must be pursued and eliminated. You often risk life and limb to vanquish the plentiful threats that prey on innocents. Your work is never done, but you wonder what there could be for you if there was.

As an adventurer, you bring the fight to the monsters that threaten everything you love. You seek them in their caves and lairs, hoping to drive terror into them as they do to their prey. You may not necessarily want to drag others on your personal crusade against evil, but you gladly accompany them, as their goals often match yours.

Skill Proficiency. Arcana, Religion

Languages. Two of your choice.

Equipment. A monster-hunting kit, a vial of holy water, a set of darkly colored clothing, and a holy symbol.

Feature: Trusted Savior

As a monster hunter, you are often regarded well by those who are helpless against the beasts that roam the night. As such, many seek you out for help, but give what they can in return. Among the common people, you can live well, at the equivalent of poor without having to expend any of your own resources.

Many openly seek you for your ability to defeat monsters, and you are often offered employment, whether it is to rid the sewers of mutated rats, or saving a noble’s son from hungry horrors. Completing these tasks often provide you with the trust and love of locals who have few other heroes to revere.

Suggested Characteristics

A monster hunter tends to be a strange and troubled individual. Whether their intentions are pure, selfish, or darker still, their personalities tend to be exceedingly peculiar. Loved by many, it is this hero worship that both allows a monster hunter to continue his strange behavior, as well as compounding any personality quirks and flaws that are otherwise left unchecked.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I am hunting a specific monster that caused me great pain long ago.
2 I hunt monsters and any that suffer their presence. Traitors are not safe from my wrath!
3 My sleep is fleeting and unpredictable. My waking hours are tainted with waking dreams.
4 I am an ardent follower of a faith or belief and tie that practice into my hunting practices.
5 My drive to hunt is fueled by my loved ones. I want to make the world safe for them.
6 I enjoy killing things, but only by killing monsters am I venerated.
7 The darkness has a special appeal to me. I wish to study the things I kill and learn more.
8 Killing monsters is the only way I know how to make myself feel anything.
d6 Ideals
1 Fury. Monsters must be hunted with extreme prejudice.(Any)
2 Charity. The people of this beleaguered world need help. (Good)
3 Madness. Defeating evil is the only thing that quiets the voices. (Chaotic)
4 Faith. I am driven by higher forces to do my holy duty. (Lawful)
5 Revenge. I will not stop until the objects of my scorn are destroyed. (Any)
6 Balance. The world is swaying into an age of darkness unless I can stop it. (Any)
Section 15: Copyright Notice

5th Edition Horror. © 2018, Fat Goblin Games; Author: Ismael Alvarez

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