The Innocent

The innocent is a rare creature in this world, as they have not felt the growth of evil or cynicism in their hearts. Hope still brims within them, and many spend entire lifetimes struggling to bring it into the life of others. Some may be loved ones or even complete strangers, but the intentions of the Innocent are pure, and their efforts awe-inspiring.

The innocent are unique in that they are largely ignorant (or tolerant) of the terror and strife that shackle the general populace. This trait does not give them any special protection against the depredations of the creatures that lurk in the shadows, nor does it protect them from the evils that exist in the hearts of mortal beings, for that matter. It does motivate them to work, as innocents tend to believe that a difference can be made; in rare instances, this belief can be realized by these otherwise naive individuals.

While innocents can sometimes be fooled into dangerous situations, or are easy prey for the boundless evils of this world, they are sometimes favored and protected by other heroes and benefactors, though this arrangement may be only marginally better than being thrown to the proverbial wolves.

Skill Proficiency. Insight, Persuasion

Languages. One standard language of your choice.

Equipment. Traveling clothes, a journal, 5 days worth of rations, and a holy symbol or trinket.

Feature: Witness of Fate

Though many awful forces in the world revel in destroying innocence and purity, there are many more that simply ignore such objects, their thinking too alien or maligned to even recognize such a concept. A corrupt noble may not notice your presence as he flees from the scene of a murder, or a twisted monster may move past you and attack a target perceived as more dangerous. This cannot protect you when a creature or person has reason to specifically wish you harm, but you can often get by when you are simply a bystander. Not only are you safe from physical harm, but your non-threatening nature also affords you a great many secrets.

Suggested Characteristics

The innocent are a curious lot and come from many walks of life, but their unique viewpoint makes them stand out in against the tides of pessimism. That having been said, many of their characteristics run counter to that of other more weathered people.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I fight for justice, and I will change the world!
2 Evil is just another word for misunderstood.
3 What if you could make money by killing these monsters? I could be rich!
4 The world needs a healer, and I will take up the mantle.
5 I must see the world; the danger is just a distraction.
6 I am on a pilgrimage, and the road is my crucible.
7 Others must know what I know; they must see what I see.
8 Purity is an ideal to which I must strive, and I must be the example to others.
d6 Ideals
1 Charity. This world is dark enough without compassion. We must help everyone we can. (Good)
2 Faith. The only thing we have if the providence of the higher power. We must venerate it at all cost. (Lawful)
3 Tradition. The past is a thing of beauty and a strong beacon of hope. We must preserve it. (Lawful)
4 Beauty. I wish to bring peace and purity into this world, however, limited or fleeting it may be. (Good)
5 Friendship. I owe everything to my friends, and gladly repay them each and every day. (Any)
6 Against Evil. The shadows cannot swallow the light. I will fight so that the light can shine! (Good)
d6 Bonds
1 My village is my family, and I work to make their lives better.
2 I enjoy the company of like-minded people, and I hope for their well-being.
3 The church is a cause worthy of dying for.
4 I will one day map out these dangerous lands, and that will be my legacy.
5 I want to be recognized by those around me as something more than a simpleton.
6 Eventually, people will stop thinking that I am so innocent.
d6 Flaws
1 I will listen to anyone, and consider all points.
2 I am curious to a fault.
3 I will help the innocent whenever I can, no matter the danger to myself.
4 Books are my playground, and I seek them out and read at every available moment.
5 I am a terminal daydreamer.
6 I observe obsessive religious taboos and bans.
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5th Edition Horror. © 2018, Fat Goblin Games; Author: Ismael Alvarez

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