The Mad

You have experienced the horrors of the world and have come from the ordeal a little unhinged. You tend to meddle with these unknown forces, even pursuing them, drawn to their secrets. You tend to be less afraid of the concepts of horror, and even willing to stomach acts others might find deplorable. Many feel a combination of pity and contempt for you as you pass through this life with less cognizance of the horrors that pervade the world. You must select a permanent madness or work with your GM to create a new permanent madness. This trait defines your interaction with others, and your ability to handle and cope with reality. You may be required to observe certain personal taboos to keep you sane enough to adventure, even if that requirement rankles your associates. It is likely that they abide it to avoid whatever consequences may result from your bouts of insanity.

Skill Proficiencies. Insight, Survival

Tool Proficiencies. One type of artisan tools (your choice).

Languages: Any Exotic.

Equipment. Crude charcoal writing tool, artisan tools (matching proficiency), a trinket that wards away bad feelings (roll on trinket table), a crude improvised weapon, a set of tattered but functional clothes, and a tin case holding 57 copper pieces and a dried eyeball.

Feature: Harmless Coot

People very often take pity on you, given your quixotic relationship with reality. This pity can take many forms, but most of them involve being ignored and patronized. This may or may not please you, but ultimately it has saved you from being questioned by constabularies, bothered by thugs, and even bandit attacks. Unless you are embroiled in a terrible circumstance, you are ignored to your benefit by any authorities or strangers that might otherwise accost or detain you. No prison would keep you out of a desire not to handle your mental state. You are considered so harmless that most simply boot you on your way out. You may even be pitied enough that you are given a few coppers and a meal, in the hopes that it will placate you enough to prolong your absence.

You have a shack somewhere in a remote location that people rarely visit, and where even beasts fear to tread. You are drawn to its natural energies which seem to harmonize with your own, and none other. This is a true safehouse for both your body and mind, remote and quiet enough for you to relate to the only person who really gets you.

Alternate Feature: Wizened Codger

You are considered a foremost expert in some subject, very likely to do with the local surroundings or some old local legends. You are sought out with some reluctance by people wishing to learn more about you and your information. You (and only you) enjoy a modest lifestyle in whatever settlement you reside. If you are in a new settlement that may wish to partake of your wisdom (GM discretion), you instead enjoy a poor lifestyle as you regale the locals with wild tales and your unique personality.

You may also trade information with others, no matter where you are and have an easier time finding those like you that are adept at gathering information.

It should be noted that you are still viewed with a curious concern by those who deal with you, and some may even take issue with your strange ways, but your knowledge is appreciated enough to keep you from being openly despised.

Suggested Characteristics

A man is afflicted by a pervading madness that will color their personality and perspective. Moreover, they are not loners but are often hedged into the outskirts of a settlement, away from people who may take offense at their antics. As such, their madness often has time to ferment.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I only differentiate people by voice and refrain from identifying someone until I hear them speak.
2 Every stranger is a friend I haven’t met.
3 I talk to myself as often as possible, stopping only if it is brought to my attention, at which time I deny having talked to myself at all.
4 Maintaining eye contact is an issue for me (either too intense or none at all).
5 I invented a silly walk.
6 I like to talk myself through my mental logic and invite others to take part.
7 I suffer from bouts of amnesia.
8 Delusion. I am a master tradesman.
d6 Ideal
1 Self. I abhor the things that try to change who I am. (Any)
2 Knowledge. I have a secret, but I need to share it with the right people. (Any)
3 Charity. I see the madness in others, and I want to help them. (Good)
4 Tranquility. We must live at peace with others when possible, so as not to foment more pain. (Any)
5 Preservation. The monsters of the world must be wiped out (and that includes monsters in human form). (Any)
6 Change. Everyone else is crazy, and I need to make them see the light. (Chaotic)
d6 Bond
1 I must recover the corpse of my mother.
2 A childhood friend misses me, and I need to let them know that I’m ok.
3 I want to be normal again before I forget what it’s like.
4 I used to be normal. Something did this to me, and I want revenge!
5 Somewhere there exists the source of all madness, and I will find it!
6 The meaning of life laps at the shores of my mind. Somewhere I can find the missing pieces.
d6 Flaw
1 I believe that someone close to me is an imposter, replaced by some sinister force.
2 I relive a past life in times of extreme stress, embodying my former self.
3 Certain bright colors elicit extreme emotional responses. This may be one or more colors or one or more emotions related to those colors.
4 I lack empathy.
5 I want a dangerous monster as a pet.
6 Night Terrors.
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5th Edition Horror. © 2018, Fat Goblin Games; Author: Ismael Alvarez

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