This term designates a man in possession of a small plot of cultivated land. In the harsh and hostile northern territories, owning a piece of arable land can be quite complicated. On Midgard a free man is part of a complex social organism regulated by precise laws.

Land and animals are the wealth of these men, free before the law and rich enough to arm themselves so that, in the recent past, a class of freemen competent in the use of weapons has formed in Norse society.

The possession of such land allows the bondhi to buy the necessary equipment to go to war. The greater the wealth of a land, the better the equipment to arm these warrior peasants. Being bondhi is a major social responsibility as well as constituting a tough lifestyle marked by hard work. Being a bondhi, however, is also a source of great pride. A bondhi will fiercely defend his independence and autonomy both in the Thing and with the force of arms.

The bondhi gather in fridhr when they descend into battle, i.e. bands belonging to the same community or thing, bound by kinship relationships. These formations of warriors share close bonds and are very combative, even if inclined to impulsive deeds for the salvation of their families.

Skills: Animal Handling, Perception

Tools: Artisan tools

Equipment: Common clothes, an artisan’s tool of your choice, a bracelet adorned with a rune, a simple weapon, a terracotta container, a leather bag with 15 gp.


Privilege: A Hearth to Return To

When choosing this background, you also choose a location. In that place, you have a plot of land with a house and, at your discretion, a family waiting for you. You are welcome by the community of that location and you can turn to them in times of need.

Suggested Characteristics

Being a bondhi is in itself a matter of pride, personal independence, a plot of land to cultivate and to be able to say he is the lord in his own home are goals to defend, whether they have been conquered with prowess in battle, or through hard work and commitment. Sometimes, however, this is not enough and a bondhi aspires to larger estates or positions that are more prestigious.

Variant: Hersir

A hersir is a prominent member of a community who holds sufficient wealth and land to be able to liaise with a local lord and interact with the community, which he represents. A hersir has the same rights and duties as any bondhi. Indeed, he will have more burdens due to having to finance military expeditions and leading his own countrymen in battle, making sure that every man is sufficiently armed for battle, that there are provisions necessary to the expedition in progress and that the state of health of his companions is good.

However, this also has advantages. Being such an influential figure allows you to have a say on many issues, especially in the face of overly despotic or weak lords.

Privilege: Great Holdings

In addition to the privilege of “A Hearth to Return to”, as hesir your estate is not limited to a home and a small cultivated plot, your large estate yields fruit for you and your home. If you choose this variant, start the game with 5 gp more, moreover, the profit you earn from the sale of the produce from your land is 2 gp per day, which you can withdraw each time you return home. Furthermore, you are considered a prominent member of your community, but money, power, and influence always attract envy and enemies: by staying away from home for a long period there is the risk of finding your property usurped and your family missing.

In addition, the local lords you are bound to will certainly be asking for favors and contributions.

d8 Personality Traits
1 My place is at home.
2 The affairs of the Gods do not interest me. I must look only to my work.
3 After the raids that allowed me to gain my position, I want to stay away from trouble.
4 Traditions are as important as work.
5 I believe that in order to obtain anything you need sacrifice effort and commitment.
6 I am a quiet man who respects those above him.
7 I miss the iron and blood of battle.
8 I have never left my home and the world seems too large for me.
d6 Ideals
1 Respect. Respect traditions and men must respect me. (Honorable)
2 Work. Nothing counts in life but hard work and enjoying its fruits. (Neutral)
3 Travel. Home will always be waiting for me, while the world outside will not. In addition, I want to see it all. (Chaotic)
4 Greed. I want more, there is no limit to which I will go or the means I will take to get it. (Dishonorable)
5 Duty. All my efforts are put into my duties, as a master, a warrior and a man. (Lawful)
6 Ambition. I aspire to become something more than just a landowner, the position of Jarlr or even the glory of the Gods await me! (Any)
d6 Bonds
1 I have a friend in trouble and I must save him.
2 I must defend my home at all costs.
3 I hide something important in my house, no one suspects it.
4 I have sworn loyalty and I will never fail in this oath.
5 Someone plots to have me lose what I have conquered.
6 I lead others with my exemplary behavior.
d6 Flaw
1 Sometimes I forget my most important treasure: my home.
2 My house, at times, seems to suffocate me.
3 I do not think I really deserve what I have managed to achieve.
4 I am willing to risk everything to get what I want, even my loved ones.
5 I am afraid of the world outside my home.
6 A little man has nothing to do with stories, legends and Gods.
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