Some northern communities have always lived their spirituality in a natural and spontaneous way. Although they do not have a true faith, they are aware of being part of a much larger cosmos. The Nine Worlds, the Æsir and the Vanir, the spirits of nature and the ghosts of the dead, these entities for these populations are as present and “tangible” as their own homes.

To mediate with these entities the gothar exist. A gothi is not a priest in the strict sense, nor an ascetic figure: he is a common person who, with simple rituals or prayers, is the link between his community and the vast universe that surrounds them. These practices are, mostly for, solving the small needs of everyday life. Sowing a field, building a house, helping a pregnant woman are all activities for which the watchful eye of a gothi is required, to ensure that everything goes the right way.

Skills: Asatru, Medicine

Tools: Herbalist’s tools

Equipment: Ceremonial dress, herbalist’s tools, a polished stone talisman with a rune, 5 pieces of aromatic bark, a leather bag with 15 gp.

Privilege: Good Wishes and Hospitality

As gothi you are welcome in any community that respects the traditions of the ancient gods. You will be welcomed in the halls of the village chief; you will be offered food and shelter for the night in exchange for auspicious rituals. This welcome also extends to those who accompany you.

Suggested Characteristics

Other gothar through oral recognition of respect for traditions educates the gothi, as a child. Usually, second-generation students choose this path, but it is not strictly necessary, just like the social class. This path is prohibited to slaves and renegades.

These figures have the responsibility of passing on traditions, rites and religious ceremonies to future generations, keeping alive the spirituality of the community.

The common defects in a gothi are their excessive attachment to ancient traditions and a lascivious infatuation with new ways, which is completely opposed to his formation. Typical defects of the gothi is neglecting their duties or exploiting their social position for their own benefit.

d8 Personality Traits
1 My life is a continuous search for the Gods.
2 The affairs of mortals do not interest me; I seek the knowledge of the Gods.
3 Nothing happens by chance, everything is driven by fate.
4 I feel a great concern for the future that never abandons my thoughts.
5 I stubbornly follow the ancient traditions and lament times past.
6 Those who do not respect traditions do not deserve my respect.
7 I entrust myself to the Gods for every aspect of my life.
8 I spent much time as a foreigner, wandering from one village to another, that I no longer feel comfortable in the life of the community.
d6 Ideals
1 Teaching. The purpose of my life is to train the new generations under the sign of the Gods. (Honorable)
2 Knowledge. Each event is a sign of the Gods and deserves to be studied to understand its nature. (Neutral)
3 Discovery. Traditions and teachings are a starting point from which to discover the world. (Chaotic)
4 Enrichment. I have to use my knowledge and position to live in the most comfortable way possible. (Dishonorable)
5 Tradition. My strength is that of the ancient traditions, in that knowledge there is all that is needed in my life. (Lawful)
6 Aspiration. Guided by my knowledge I aspire to reach the Gods who guide my life. (All)
d6 Bonds
1 I have to fulfill the mission entrusted to me by my mentor.
2 One day, in the world, there will exist no other Gods but mine.
3 I put my community before all else.
4 I had a vision of the Gods and I want to find them in person.
5 The only temple I need to be occupied with is my body.
6 I want to find out if there are gods beyond the sea.
d6 Flaw
1 I do not accept versions of the world other than that recounted in the traditions.
2 What happens in the outside world questions my faith in the Gods.
3 I fear that my lifestyle is not honorable to lead me to the Gods.
4 I am far too intrigued by what I do not know.
5 Sometimes I change traditions or divination results, to gain personal advantage.
6 I do not think I have the respect or consideration that I deserve.
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