Sentinels, guardians, custodians. The huscarl are all this, individuals in charge of a specific and delicate task. In the past, the term generally indicated a man who defended his home, today, these tasks are not limited only to the home. A huscarl can be recruited by anyone who can afford his services, to monitor, at the cost of his own life, a home or person, also acting as a bodyguard.

Being huscarl is a great honor and a source of good compensation, but it is a role that is not without risks. It is about placing the protection of a place or a person at the expense of their own safety, pain, death or exile. It may happen that prestigious figures like a Jarl or Konungr hire more than one huscarlar for the defense of their halls or to form groups of elite warriors to take into battle.

Being a huscarlar is the most “immaculate” way that a man can take to cover himself in fame and lasting wealth, but it is also the longest.

Skills: Insight, Investigation

Equipment: Common clothes, Huscarl uniform, a large cloak, a helmet decorated with a rune, a martial weapon, a leather bag with 20 gp.

Privilege: Huscarl Skills

A huscarl remains such until his death. Only huscarl who are dishonorable or guilty of crimes, betray the solidarity pact that binds them. With this background, you can count on the support of huscarl guards, even from other areas, if you are able to prove your membership.

Suggested Characteristics

An honorable and respectable occupation with good earnings but high risk. Being a huscarl means responsibility and integrity but sometimes it is a position occupied by power or to give vent to the bloodlust.

d8 Personality Traits
1 I am very suspicious of those I do not know.
2 I try to display my honor on every occasion.
3 Once having gained my trust, I will never disappoint.
4 I never lose my concentration.
5 I do what I do to be able to vent my violence without problems.
6 For me, actions are worth more than words.
7 If I can rest, I will, I am very lazy.
8 Being a guard does not mean being surly, I am very nice and I love socializing.
d6 Ideals
1 Oath. Nothing on this earth is worth more than the oath of a man. (Lawful)
2 Independence. I only intervene when I consider it right. (Neutral)
3 Competition. I live every situation as a challenge that I cannot lose. (Chaotic)
4 Power. I will perform my duties as a guard until the right opportunity presents itself for me to gain power. (Dishonorable)
5 Protection. Those who have the strength to defend themselves must first defend others. (Honorable)
6 Comfort. Mine is an honorable but dangerous profession, I do it to be able to enjoy its rewards (Any)
d6 Bonds
1 A bond with a person, who is very important to me, but distant, draws me far away.
2 I am here because I want to protect someone in particular.
3 I committed a dishonorable act that must never be discovered.
4 I have no ties or interests with the people I have to protect.
5 I envy a colleague very much.
6 What I must really protect I have yet to find.
d6 Flaw
1 I am afraid I have been content with choosing this life.
2 I am tired of my life.
3 I have no half measures; everything for me is black or white.
4 I blindly trust all those above me.
5 The only God I follow is money.
6 I do not think I deserve to rest with my fathers in Valhalla.
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