The oldest families boast of descending from a famous ancestor, a hero or even a deity, a sort of aristocracy that rather than governing a region administrates it.  You are the leader of a regional army in battle, you choose the best men for your retinue, regulate the distribution of wealth and privileges. An expert in law as well as politics, you are required to be present as a judge at trials.

Skills: Asatru, History

Equipment: Fine clothes, embroidered cape, a precious ring engraved with a rune, a brooch with a symbol of the family name, a leather bag with 25 gp

Privilege: Heroes Blood

When choosing this background, you also choose a location. In the chosen location, you are considered the leader. You, or your family, own the largest house in the village, which is also the center of the town’s social life. Your opinion is highly valued as if it were the law. The ardor of your ancient ancestors has been handed down in your blood and elevates you among the proudest of men. Great respect is due to you, and no one will ever refuse you an audience or hospitality, you are worthy of the name you hold among your peers.

Suggested Characteristics

Being a Jarlr means having great honor and respect but it also means great expectations. From an early age you grew up with the heroic tales of your ancestors and you are expected to be worthy of their name. Educated in the oral traditions of the Gods and in the laws of your land, you must remember that you are not superior to other men. For a Jarlr the border between pride and arrogance is likely to be very subtle, as well as the desire to become more powerful or aspire to become king.

d8 Personality Traits
1 I believe that my heritage alone is worthy of making a great man of me.
2 I feel that a great destiny is reserved for me.
3 I look at everything from the top to the bottom.
4 I feel like an ordinary person and reveal my heritage only when necessary.
5 I believe that I am always right.
6 Every moment is opportune to narrate the exploits of my ancestors.
7 I am insecure despite being educated to command.
8 Responsibilities suffocate me.
d6 Ideals
1 Hero. Like my ancestors, I must live a life worthy of being remembered for the great deeds I have accomplished. (Honorable)
2 Power. My power and determination are the burdens with which my existence is judged. (Neutral)
3 Pleasure. Life should be squeezed like a sweet fruit to get as much as possible out of it. (Chaotic)
4 Domain. My place is higher than that of other men, so everyone must serve me. (Dishonorable)
5 Justice. It is my task to enforce the laws of my land in the most equitable and just way possible. (Lawful)
6 Destiny. The hand of fate and the gods guides me on the path to glory. (Any)
d6 Bonds
1 Nothing is more important to me then my family.
2 I have a rival who has bested me in all things since my childhood.
3 I feel that somehow my ancestors are guiding me.
4 A person very important to me left for the sea and did not return.
5 I have a sacred task entrusted to me by an oracle, only I can accomplish it.
6 My pride is my people.
d6 Flaw
1 When I am proved wrong, I quickly pass to violence.
2 I really do not think that I am worthy of my ancestors.
3 In front of gold, my sense of justice falters.
4 I am attracted to the pleasures of flesh and wine.
5 Despite my heritage, I am often inappropriate and awkward.
6 Behind the mask of a powerful man, there is one weak and fearful.
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