The life of a thrallr is hard, the life of a slave, forced to perform any task that your owner imposes on you. Whether by debt, imprisonment or condemnation by the assembly, as thrallr you have lost all rights and you will be bound to the will of a master. Luckily for you the Norsemen are not ruthless or cruel masters: you have food, clothes and a roof over your head. You can free yourself through hard work or worthy deeds. Norsemen, wherever they live, will always remain a pragmatic people, to be a slave is not a detestable fate, provided you do not become a human sacrifice…

Skills: Animal Handling, Performance

Equipment: Poor clothes, work tools, rune engraved on a piece of wood given by the master, a wooden bowl, 5 gp.


Privilege: Protected by the Master

You are considered the property of your master and, as such, you have value.

Master’s Aid. You can always count on the support of your master and his (or her) ability to help you in times of need. Your master will make reasonable efforts to help you (so long as the aid is not constant or extreme).

Food and Shelter. Your master will provide you a place to sleep and a day’s food if you are in good standing.

Suggested Characteristics

Life is hard for a thrallr, who has to settle for a meager meal and a roof over their heads in exchange for all their sweat. Being away from one’s home and the feeling of having no power over one’s own destiny can create strong and tempered personalities. A thrallr often tries to redeem his life through work or conducting business for his master, this is how he might try to liberate himself. Freedom and independence can be regrets, but also dreams and goals.

Variant: Foreign Slave

Whether you are the spoils of a raid on the other side of the sea or you were bought from slave markets or defeated in battle and taken as a slave, it changes little: you find yourself forced to serve a master of a people very different from yours, in an almost alien environment, with rules, laws, and morals of a distant culture and, for you, difficult to understand. Your background as a thrallr is due to one of these reasons you can choose the privilege “Foreign knowledge” instead of “Protected by the owner”.

Variant Privilege: Foreign Knowledge

If the character has the thrallr background, you can choose this privilege instead of “Protected by the Master”. Your origin from a foreign country means that your basic knowledge of the world is very different from that of the Norse people. You can ask your master for information and information that is more precise about the foreign country you come from, as well as having the advantage in the arcane, religion or history trials concerning the customs of cultures or foreign countries.

d8 Personality Traits
1 Despite being a slave, I am never broken.
2 Great ambitions are hidden behind my fatigued face.
3 I am a quiet person who thinks only of his duty, and of having enough food and a roof over his head.
4 I am gentle and kind.
5 My eyes hide a great sadness.
6 My way of speaking is simple and concise.
7 I am not comfortable in social situations.
8 I appreciate the simple joys of life.
d6 Ideals
1 Fidelity. Mine is not just a job, but also a task. Faithfully serve to the best of my abilities for the good of the master. (Honorable)
2 Survival. To remain alive, I must continue to work. (Neutral)
3 Adventure. I would very much like the chains of monotony of my slave life be broken to let me live an adventure in life. (Chaotic)
4 Escape. Every day may be the right day to escape and rediscover my freedom. (Dishonorable)
5 Patience. The efforts of an honorable and just life are always repaid. (Lawful)
6 Liberation. With effort and hard work, I will be able to redeem my freedom. (Any)
d6 Bonds
1 I feel affection only towards animals.
2 I consider my master as a friend or a family member.
3 I will never forget my real family.
4 There is a mystery related to my previous life that makes me more than a simple slave.
5 Plot a dishonorable deed together with other servants.
6 I have many friends, even in the upper castes.
d6 Flaw
1 Sometimes I forget my place.
2 My will is easily bent.
3 Resentment builds in me day by day.
4 For the money, I am willing to do anything.
5 False promises of freedom are pitfalls that make me do things that are inconvenient.
6 I am persecuted by bad luck.
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