Not all feel the need to seek glory by crossing the sea and fighting. You have chosen to venture with your ships to the continent, going up the rivers to trade. You formed brotherhoods, swearing on the sword and promising to protect and share revenues with your brothers. Need and pragmatism require those who embark on these journeys to be a skilled and experienced fighter, an astute trader and an attentive connoisseur of human nature and foreign cultures.

Some settle along the rivers and found new kingdoms where river trade is a source of great wealth.  The Emperor, in his marble and gold court, admires the courage and strength the Norsemen have shown in battle and has offered them the opportunity to fight as his bodyguards. The salary is very high, as is the prestige of such an honor, and the Vaerengjar who return home after an expedition with the commercial brotherhood or as veterans of the guard have great influence on the community. They are forgiven for their extravagance in dress, in the tastes of food and in their way of speaking.

Skills: Insight, Persuasion

Tools: Artisan’s tools

Equipment: Common clothes, a rudimentary portable scale, a metallic weight for trade with an engraved rune, a small jewel of foreign origin, a leather bag with 15 gp.

Privilege: Sacred Oath

The oath taken on the sword that every Vaeringjar carries when joining a merchant group is considered sacred and more important than any other bond. Like Vaeringjar you will always find passage by ship or work to earn some money. You can even get help from other Vaeringjar with whom you are not in conflict.

Suggested Characteristics

You are independent, curious and awake; you are not interested in power but certainly in gold, sometimes too much. You have no ties to your native land and the world, beyond the sea, you think is a land of opportunity and income.

d8 Personality Traits
1 I can never stand still; I must always be active and moving.
2 I always win my bet.
3 I carefully evaluate each situation by listing the pros and cons.
4 Showing my wealth and success is part of my duty.
5 I never really settle down.
6 I prefer to solve every situation without extracting weapons if possible.
7 I do not know the meaning of regret and nostalgia.
8 Fortune smiles on the clever man, one such as me.
d6 Ideals
1 Perseverance. Even after a failure, I always get back up and start my journey again. (Honorable)
2 Comfort. This is just a way to live quiet and fulfilled, materially and not. (Neutral)
3 Discovery. I travel and trade to discover new and fascinating things about the outside world. (Chaotic)
4 Dishonesty. I will do anything to get more than I should from each transaction, especially by using deception. (Dishonorable)
5 Honor. Doing my job well makes me an honorable man who deserves respect. (Lawful)
6 Premonition. To take me along my travels is a recurring dream that I believe is a message from the Gods. (Any)
d6 Bonds
1 I am loyal to myself first of all.
2 My companions are my brothers.
3 I travel in search of a person dear to me and of who I have lost track.
4 Someone near to me wants to betray me.
5 I have a secret mission to complete and my travels act as a cover.
6 I left because I was no longer welcome in my home.
d6 Flaw
1 My eyes fall to a new goal even if I have not finished the old one.
2 For greater profit, I am willing to turn a blind eye or do something dishonorable.
3 I leave everything behind a little too easily.
4 I cannot resist a bet or a challenge.
5 I am full of the desire to travel continuously.
6 Alcohol and gambling are my daily bread. However, I often go wrong.
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