Pirates, adventurers, looters, sailors and mercenaries: these are Viking and this is you. Showy, with provocative tattoos covering the arms, neck and chest, garish or deliberately unsettling clothes, make-up around the eyes and incisions on the teeth, all to distinguish yourself from a bondhi. Plundering and raiding is an easy way to become famous and rich, as well as to gain glory in the eyes of the Gods. Certainly, it is also the easiest and quickest way to die. You will only be able to return home if you prove yourself to be one of the ablest, strongest or luckiest.

Death is a constant companion for you, but the rewards are worth the risk: raids are a valid tool to gain influence at the political level.

The relevance of an individual is given by his possessions and his prestige; as Vikingr your success in raids can determine your influence and with increasing prestige, the number of men ready to follow you grows. If the bondhi communities are based on family ties also on the battlefield, for a Vikingr like you, your bonds are tightened through the Blood Brother Oath.

This ceremony makes men brothers on a spiritual level. In this way, any previous bonds have been severed and a new bond has been forged, just as strong, but free from family ties, a further reason why you are feared or envied at home; new ties with greater freedom and autonomy.

Skills: Athletics, Intimidation

Tools: Navigator’s tools

Equipment: flashy clothing, a solar stone with an engraved rune (counts as a navigator’s tools), a martial weapon, a pointed tattoo cannula, a leather bag with 20 gp.

Privilege: Brotherhood of Blood

The blood pact that binds you to your fellow raiders is worth more than any family bond. Each of them will put his life at risk in order to protect you and will grant you all their aid, even siding against those who are your superiors. As Vikingr the population nurtures great respect towards you as well as fear.

Suggested Characteristics

As Vikingr you are a resolute person, determined, and convinced that the path you have taken is the most direct for gaining glory and immortality, to be worthy of entering the legends. An exceptional fighter, without fear of death, you often give in to excesses: violence and death accompany you as inseparable lovers.

d8 Personality Traits
1 Staring death in the face is the feeling that most exalts and gives me joy.
2 I am extremely loyal to traditions.
3 I am tireless and insatiable.
4 I hardly ever speak… with the living.
5 I live every day as if it were the only one worth living.
6 I love to look unique and extravagant.
7 Despite appearances, I am a thoughtful and strategic type.
8 I take maniacal care of my person, my body is a temple dedicated to the gods.
d6 Ideals
1 Death. I live, I fight and I will die with honor. (Honorable)
2 Wealth. Raids are a great source of income, risk your life to live better (Neutral)
3 Challenge. My life is a constant challenge of fate and the Gods, they will have to work hard to end it. (Chaotic)
4 Cowardice. When the situation turns bad, we are the first to flee, leaving behind no witnesses. (Dishonorable)
5 Power. The defeats inflicted on foreign enemies are a victory for the entire Norse community. (Lawful)
6 Destiny. This life is part of my destiny, by fighting, I will discover where it will take me. (Any)
d6 Bonds
1 My ship is my best friend.
2 My companions are my real family.
3 I discovered directions to an enormous treasure beyond the sea.
4 I hate those above me in the chain of command.
5 I have an enemy among my companions.
6 I formed a bond with an enemy during a truce.
d6 Flaw
1 I do not know how to calm or moderate my fury.
2 I have no respect for anyone outside of what is shown on the battlefield.
3 Death actually frightens me.
4 I have no care for my safety.
5 I have doubts about the Gods and ancient traditions.
6 I am tormented by all the deaths I have caused.
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