Soul Channeler

A quirk of fate, or a circumstance of birth, exposed you to the intoxicating power of arcane magic and changed you irrevocably. You spent your formative years learning about yourself, gauging your inner reserves and how much you are willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals.

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana and either Persuasion or Intimidation

Tool Proficiencies: Artisan’s tools (alchemist’s supplies), poisoner’s kit

Languages: Infernal or Abyssal

Equipment: A set of alchemist’s supplies, a pocket knife, a piece of chalk connected to a string, a chapbook of esoteric symbols, a set of common clothes, and a pouch containing 10 gp

Feature: Channel Essence

You can call upon your inner reserves to recover from debilitating, long-term injuries. As part of a short rest, you can offset a reduction to one of your ability scores by expending a number of Hit Dice equal to twice the amount of the reduction that you want to negate. When used in this manner, the Hit Dice do not confer other benefits, such as additional hit points.

Suggested Characteristics

Soul channelers are drawn to the dark arts and the manipulation of available resources to achieve their goals.

For some this might include using their own capabilities, but an easier (and more common) method employs summoned creatures, undead servants, and duped allies. Not every soul channeler chooses to exploit such opportunities, but the temptation is there for all.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I realize that gaining power comes at a cost, and I am prepared to pay that cost, whatever it is.
2 My companions are useful for the abilities they contribute and the protection they provide me.
3 I am comfortable in places where the dead are gathered. I find solace and strength in the crypts, graveyards, and necropolises of the land.
4 I loathe any who profess faith, duty, and devotion to an entity or a cause without ensuring they will be compensated for their service.
5 I care nothing for the suffering, pain, and plight of others. Their concerns are not mine.
6 I will sacrifice my possessions, my needs, and my well-being for my trusted companions.
7 I detest myself for the depths of depravity I have plumbed to gain the power I now wield.
8 I mistrust any who have power over me or others.
d6 Bond
1 My spellcasting focus is a trinket I created. I cannot live without it.
2 My self-sufficiency provides me with comfort and confidence.
3 I am searching for an ancient text of esoteric, arcane knowledge. I try to make decisions and take actions that lead me to this goal.
4 I take advantage of any opportunities that crop up, regardless of the possible consequences.
5 I seek to harness living energies from plants, animals, and the magical world. I wish to see beyond flesh to the soul itself. All life is in my charge.
6 My loyalty is hard-won, but once earned it is unwavering.
d6 Flaw
1 I consider my companions and all those I meet as resources to be used and advantages to be gained.
2 I have no regard for my physical form. It is a tool and a source of energy, nothing more.
3 I prefer the company of gregarious, ebullient, and vociferous folk. They lift my somber spirits.
4 The easiest way is always the best way.
5 I allow myself to be driven by impulses. My first inclination is the course of action I pursue.
6 I distrust all who rely on fickle deities and unknowable patrons to acquire their spells, influence, and power.
d6 Ideal
1 Will. Embarking on the pursuit of greatness is not enough. I must have the will to do what others shy away from in order to accomplish my goals. (Any)
2 Sacrifice. I believe that sacrifice—personal, emotional, or otherwise—is necessary to achieve greatness. (Any)
3 Abstinence. I cleanse myself of distractions to achieve purity of purpose. (Lawful)
4 Deception. I never tell the whole truth, even if there is no apparent need to lie. The truth has been used against me too many times. (Evil)
5 Lunacy. I embrace the turmoil in my mind and soul that comes with manipulating eldritch energies. (Chaotic)
6 Diabolic. I inflict pain, suffering, and strife with zeal and gusto. (Evil)
Section 15: Copyright Notice

Deep Magic for 5th Edition © 2020 Open Design LLC; Authors: Dan Dillon, Chris Harris, and Jeff Lee.

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