There are things in this world that deserve to be found, acquired, and kept. Perhaps it’s weapons. Perhaps it’s paintings. Perhaps it’s poetry or songs. Maybe it’s antique spoons. Regardless of what “it” is, you collect it, and that is your passion. Most of your life and/or career has been spent in pursuit of completing your collection. The specifics of your quarry and your methods may vary from other collectors, but one thing remains in common. You simply must complete your collection or you don’t know what you’d do with yourself. It is much more than just an idle hobby to you.

Skill Proficiencies: Investigation and your choice of one from: Arcana, History, Nature, or Religion

Tool Proficiencies: Your choice of one type of artisan’s tools

Languages: One of your choice

Equipment: Several large sacks, at least one item from your personal collection, a list of other items you wish to collect (some with possible locations), a set of common clothes, and a pouch containing 10 gp.

d20 Collection Focus
1 Soil from each new place you visit
2 Flowers
3 Gemstones
4 Weapons
5 Books and writing on a particular subject, or by a specific author
6 Coins
7 Monster hair/pelts
8 Bird feathers
9 Sculptures by a specific artist
10 Insects of a particular type
11 Poisons
12 Harmless magic items
13 Animal pelts
14 Religious relics
15 Paintings concerning a specific subject matter
16 Bones from specific creatures
17 Jokes
18 Maps
19 Shoes
20 Recipes

Feature: Subject Matter Expert

Because you are such an avid collector, you have keen insight into the objects of your obsession. As such, whenever you are dealing with objects which are or should be in your collection, you are able to accurately assess the rarity and value of such items (both to the public and to collectors such as yourself ) that you encounter. Likewise, you are able to easily recognize and identify imitations, fakes, and counterfeits among such items.

Fleshing Things Out

Some questions to consider when determining how this background applies to your character: What are the circumstances that led you to start collecting? What lengths are you willing to go to in order to complete your collection?

How complete is your collection and how long have you been collecting? Do you collect for yourself or as part of a group?

What would you do if you ever finished your collection?

Where do you keep the items you collect and how do you protect them, if at all? Do you have any obstacles preventing you from finishing your collection?

You should also consider what caused you to take up the role of an adventurer. Did you take to a life of adventure in an effort to pursue your collecting more directly? Or were you an adventurer for other reasons, and your collection became part of your life somewhere along the way? If so, what happened that convinced you to start collecting, and why did you become an adventurer in the first place?

d8 Personality Trait
1 I keep the items in my collection, and myself, meticulously clean.
2 If we aren’t talking about my collection, I’m probably not paying attention.
3 I am proud of my collection and will show it to anyone who expresses interest.
4 I don’t know what small talk is or how to do it.
5 I keep careful notes about everything I can.
6 A stranger is just another potential friend.
7 I prefer to be told what to do.
8 I spend a lot of time worrying about my appearance and/or reputation.
d6 Ideal
1 Completion. No rest until my collection is complete. (Any)
2 Protection. I must keep these things safe so that others may enjoy them, too. (Good)
3 Ephemerality. Ownership is an illusion. I’m only holding these for now. (Chaotic)
4 Archive. Each one has a name, and each name has its place in the catalog. (Lawful)
5 Greed. I will have them all because I want them all – whatever it takes. (Evil)
6 Rationalization. If I don’t collect them, someone else will. (Neutral)
d6 Bond
1 One of my parents left me their collection when they died, and I seek to complete it.
2 I lost my original collection when my home was destroyed.
3 I am often in direct competition with a rival collector.
4 Working on my collection is the only thing that keeps my haunting memories at bay.
5 I traded something very precious away for part of my collection, and I want it back.
6 Part of my collection was stolen from me; I must retrieve it.
d6 Flaw
1 I will degrade myself to acquire the parts of my collection if that’s what it takes.
2 I am quick to believe anyone when it comes to what they know about the objects I collect.
3 I quickly lose interest when anyone speaks about anything other than the items I collect.
4 I have no concept of what other people do with their free time if it’s not directly related to collecting.
5 I have a hard time recognizing the value of anything unrelated to my collection.
6 I am paranoid that everyone wants to take my collection away from me.
Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Big Book of Backgrounds Copyright 2019, P.B. Publishing, Phil Beckwith, and Cody Faulk.

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