Many people would have liked to grow up in such a comfortable environment as yours. Whether you are from the nobility, from the upper middle class, or from an influential family of notables of the Free City, you have never wanted for anything. You have been spared most of the turmoil and trouble that plague the common man… but does that make you a happier person? What you cannot ignore, however, is that you are widely respected— at least, seemingly—sometimes feared, often envied, and occasionally hated. But whatever the opinion others have of you, your words are almost always heeded. Whether it seems natural to you or keeps puzzling you, the fact is that your voice carries more weight than most.


Skills: Choose two from History, Insight, and Persuasion
Tools: One musical instrument or type of gaming set
Languages: One of your choice


A set of fine clothes, various safe-conducts and recommendation letters, the tools you are proficient in, and a belt pouch containing 25 gp

Feature: Clout

In most civilized environments, you have no trouble making your opinion respected, or at least voicing it. Even if your parentage is not known locally, people can easily see that you have the bearing of a well-to-do. Provided a community is not overtly hostile to you, you can get an audience with the local authorities within a shorter time than normal. However, be careful not to boast too loudly about your prerogatives, lest you start attracting other people’s contempt or jealousy.

Suggested Characteristics

Nobles, burghers, and other members of the privileged castes who take up the mantle of an adventurer must usually learn to live in less comfortable conditions that those they have been used to. Such a transition is a lesson of humility for the haughtiest of them. This can result in tensions, but notables are usually able to get along with their less fortunate companions in time.

d8 Personality Trait
1 As high-society as I may be, I endeavor to be courteous toward commoners.
2 I only let out my breath once success has been secured. I have seen too many people fail due to celebrating too early.
3 I like to share my wisdom with others, so that they may profit from the experience of the mighty.
4 I drive a hard bargain. Otherwise, I would not enjoy a position like mine.
5 I remain cheerful in every circumstance. It is the best cure against hardships.
6 Paupers and boors make me uneasy. I would rather not mingle with them lest I prove myself unpleasant.
7 I tend to be very controlling, if only to avoid the incompetence of others compromising our goals.
8 No, I do not think I know better. But I would be remiss not to remind others of proper behavior.
d6 Ideal
1 Civilization. Our traditions and culture must be preserved from the ravages of barbarism. (Lawful)
2 Charity. If I have more than I need, it is to share it with the underprivileged. (Good)
3 Troublemaking. Secular authority has no reason to be anymore. Letting me prosper was its mistake, as I will now work to overthrow it. (Chaotic)
4 Power. To contribute to the stability of the social structure, I must first rise in its hierarchy. (Lawful)
5 Greed. There are no haves without have-nots, and I have chosen my side. (Evil)
6 Notoriety. The respect shown to me by the community is proof of my worth and a bulwark for those I hold dear. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 I had to make a deal with an individual or group, and this alliance would spell infamy for my family should it become public knowledge.
2 I have lost sight of the love of my younger years, but my flame still burns hot.
3 I will relentlessly hunt down those who have ruined my family.
4 When someone recognizes my origins, which happens more often than I would like, I must honor them.
5 I owe everything or almost everything to a notable not from my family.
6 My people have sacrificed much to support me in the path I have chosen, and I intend to repay them.
d6 Flaw
1 I am an unrepentant seducer.
2 I irresistibly spend whatever money I have.
3 I easily tend to treat others like my lackeys.
4 When I speak about someone else, I cannot help badmouthing them, especially if they are not there.
5 I get tetchy when things drag on.
6 I am growing increasingly frustrated with rich people, and I feel it is starting to show.
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