Old Soul

Your soul has witnessed a dozen lifetimes and more. You have lived, died, and been born anew more times than you can count.

The gods have seen fit to tie your soul to this world, blessing or condemning you to repeat the cycle until the end of all things.

Most of the time, you remember nothing of these past lives. On occasion, especially in situations of stress or danger, something sparks deep within and you recall a song, a ballad, a name, a place, or a great event as if you had lived through it. You may die again and again, but until you learn the lessons the gods wish to teach, you remain chained to the wheel of fate.

Skill Proficiencies: History, Insight

Languages: One appropriate to a former life

Tool Proficiencies: One appropriate to a former life

Equipment: A necklace, ring, or similar object from a past life, a set of common clothes, a dagger, and a pouch containing 20 gp.

Feature: Past Lives

The memories of your previous lives return to you, unbidden, when you need wisdom or insight the most. When visiting other lands and communities, you have a knack for knowing where to go to buy the best goods, find the safest inn, and whom to contact when you need information. While in a large town or city, you do not become lost, even if you swear you’ve never visited that locale before.

Suggested Characteristics

There’s a glimmer within the eyes and demeanor of an old soul that relays a sense of confidence no matter the chaos surrounding them. An old soul, even when in the body of a wide-eyed peasant boy, carries themselves with an air of quiet strength. These individuals do not surprise easily, and they often seem to know what to expect regardless of the situation.

d6 Personality Trait
1 I tend to speak about historical events as if I’d lived through them.
2 Every event, every situation reminds me of a story or anecdote worth telling.
3 Regardless of my physical age, I treat those around me as if they were young, naïve children.
4 When I dream, I dream of a different time, another life, and another place.
5 No place truly feels like home, and no place ever will.
6 Whenever I hear someone tell a story, I feel the urge to top it or tell it better.
d6 Ideal
1 Honor. If I commit a dishonorable act, then I dishonor my past lives as well. (Lawful)
2 Live and Let Live. I have fought and died for enough failed causes to steer clear of them. (Neutral)
3 Obligation. Across the centuries, some oath, duty, or vow forever drives my actions. (Lawful)
4 Glory. I am driven to earn glory and accolades in this and every life. (Any)
5 Power. I’ve learned that one must take what one is owed. (Evil)
6 Freedom. We are put on this world to experience life to its fullest every day. (Chaotic)
d6 Bond
1 I’ve seen how tyrants operate, and I’ll do everything in my power to topple them.
2 I delve into the secrets of the past to solve the problems of today.
3 Legends are overrated. I’ve made it my life’s work to tear them down.
4 Dark and terrible things are coming to this world, and only I know how to defeat them.
5 I remember the location of an ancient, long-lost city.
6 The gods must have a purpose for my life, and I seek to uncover what it is.
d6 Flaw
1 At times, old memories become jumbled with the new. I call people by the wrong name, speak a different language, or even forget my own name.
2 I’m suspicious of strangers and slow to trust those I meet.
3 I’m prone to lecturing about the way things used to be—even if I don’t actually remember the way things used to be.
4 Bouts of melancholy come upon me without warning, leaving me ill-suited for company.
5 I hold a strong attachment to traditions and old customs, including the ones that no longer make sense.
6 Thanks to experience and memories, I’m the most pessimistic person you’ll ever meet.
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The Valkyrie Hybrid Class Copyright 2018 Total Party Kill Games, LLC Author: Aaron Hollingsworth

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