Someone hired you as an enforcer. If you still work for them, maybe they’re a continuing source of adventure hooks. Or did you burn bridges escaping your employer’s service?

Feature: Legal System

You have knowledge and contacts in a legal system – not necessarily the same as one that you previously served. For example, a criminal who turned Crown’s Evidence might have contacts among the city guard. You have an easier time getting that legal system to hold prisoners for a few days for later questioning, possibly bending regulations to do so. It may be necessary to put some effort into maintaining these relationships, of course. Open violations of the rules of that organization may sour your connections as well, though your knowledge of the system is unchanged.

Suggested Characteristics

Enforcers range from brutish leg-breakers (on either side of the law) to brilliant and indefatigable truth-seekers. They are always expected to follow a set of rules, whether that’s a formal legal code or a guildmaster’s edicts. Much of the tension in an enforcer’s life comes from conflict between their rules and their personal wishes.

d8 Personality Trait
1 You can never plan for too many contingencies.
2 Once I’m on a case, I can’t think of anything else until it’s resolved.
3 I like to sound clever, so I use a lot of big words… incorrectly, as often as not.
4 My manners are abrasive enough that I do not make many friends.
5 I love to quote legal principles in conversation.
6 My first resort in conflict is browbeating my opponents with threats of legal retribution.
7 I am stoic in the face of every kind of hardship.
8 Gallows humor? Bit redundant, wouldn’t you say?
d6 Origin
1 My ship sank after being attacked
2 My ship was lost to a fierce storm
3 I was abandoned by my crew
4 I escaped from slavery or captivity aboard a ship
5 I chose to exile myself
6 I woke up with no memories of how I arrived
d6 Employer
1 Bounty Hunter’s Guild (bounty hunter)
2 Church (inquisitor)
3 Craft Guild (thief-taker or caravan guard)
4 Local Baron or Count (palace guard)
5 Sheriff (constabulary)
6 Thieves’ Guild or Criminal Family (leg-breaker)
d6 Flaw
1 I expect others to hold the same standards of perfectionism that I do.
2 I collect knickknacks in my travels. Not all of their owners were done with them yet.
3 I have a hard time believing the evidence of my eyes if it conflicts with a map or diary.
4 If someone isn’t using a map I drew myself, I assume they’re lost – in one sense or another.
5 I don’t suffer from my obsession. It’s everyone around me that suffers.
6 I want to teach people about the world – even if they don’t want to listen.
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