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Facet of the Flawless Caster

Sapphire Gem Magic

Beginning at 3rd level, you can invest a sapphire with a bit of magic that you can later use to cast a spell. You spend one hour to focus your magical energies into a sapphire worth at least 50 gp.

When you cast a spell, instead of using a spell slot, you may draw on the stored energies from this sapphire to cast the spell. The casting of the spell consumes the gem. At 3rd level, you may have only one sapphire prepared and it can only hold enough magical energy to cast a 2nd level spell, but as you level up, you may prepare more sapphires and invest them with the power to cast higher level spells. See the table below:

Level Number of Sapphires Highest Level Spell
3rd 1 2nd
7th 2 3rd
11th 3 4th
15th 4 5th


Starting at 6th level, as a reaction to taking acid, fire, force, lightning, or radiant damage, you may spend a spell slot to absorb damage of one of these types or any combination thereof equal to 5 times the level of the spell slot spent.

Gem Reuse

Beginning at 13th level you may use any gem prepared as part of topaz gem magic, amethyst gem magic or emerald gem magic one additional time before you are required to complete a long or short rest.


Starting at 18th level, your counterspells are capable of reflecting your opponents’ spells back at them. When you successfully counter a spell, you may expend a spell slot equal to the level of the spell that you are countering to turn the spell back on the original caster. You choose the new target of the spell as if you had originally cast the spell. Use your Spell Save DC and your spell attack modifier for the spell. If the spell has a range of self, you must choose yourself as the new target. If the spell affects an area, you choose the new point of origin and target area.

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