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Gemblade Facet

New Weapon Proficiency

At 3rd level you may choose one melee weapon that has the slashing or piercing quality; you are now proficient with that weapon. This is your preferred weapon. You may also use this weapon as your arcane focus.

Jade Gem Magic

Beginning at 3rd level, you can invest power into a piece of jade so that it mirrors the effects of mage armor. You spend one day and invest your magical energies into a piece of jade worth at least 30 gp. So long as you carry the piece of jade around, you receive the benefits of the mage armor spell.

Modify Weapon

Starting at 6th level, you gain the ability to modify your weapon by adding your previously created semi-precious stones into the hilt or on the blade of your preferred weapon. These semi-precious stones retain their ability to modify the damage type of your spells, but once placed in your preferred weapon they cause the weapon to do additional elemental damage based on the type of stone as shown in the chart below. At 10th level, you may add another semi-precious stone for a total of two and at 14th level you can add a third stone. The additional damage from these stones is cumulative. You may only add semiprecious stones that you have previously learned to enchant from the semi-precious stone feature.

Furthermore, you can also create up to three semiprecious stones of the same type. These semi-precious stones offer no additional benefit for your spellcasting, but you can use them to enhance your preferred weapon. At 14th level, for example, you could add 3 obsidian shards to your weapon so that it inflicts an additional +3d6 fire damage.

You may change out the semi-precious stones in your blade, but doing so requires one day of uninterrupted work per stone that you are exchanging.

Semi-Precious Stone Damage
Amber +1d6 poison
Crystal quartz +1d6 force
Obsidian shard +1d6 fire
Onyx +1d6 necrotic
Pearl +1d6 cold
Turquoise +1d6 acid

Extra Attack

Starting at 13th level, you can attack twice instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.


Beginning at 18th level, you may, as a bonus action when casting spells or attacking, begin emitting a scintillating aura that is distracting to your enemies. For the next minute all attacks against you by sighted creatures not relying on blindsight to perceive you suffer disadvantage and all your attacks against such targets have advantage. You may end this ability at any time. Once you use this ability twice, you must complete a short rest before using it again.

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