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Hel Savant

Table: Hel Savant
Level Cantrips Known Spells Known Spell Slots Slot Level
3rd 2 1 1 1st
4th 2 2 2 1st
5th 2 2 2 2nd
6th 2 3 2 2nd
7th 2 3 2 2nd
8th 2 4 2 2nd
9th 2 4 2 2nd
10th 3 5 2 2nd
11th 3 5 2 3rd
12th 3 6 2 3rd
13th 3 6 3 3rd
14th 3 7 3 3rd
15th 4 7 3 3rd
16th 4 8 3 3rd
17th 4 8 3 4th
18th 4 9 3 4th
19th 4 9 3 4th
20th 4 10 4 4th

Class Features

You gain the following features:

Pact with Hel

Your conduct with the forces of Hel has granted you limited access to magic most dire.


Starting at 3rd level when you take this archetype, you know two cantrips of your choice from the warlock spell list. You learn additional warlock cantrips of your choice at higher levels, as show in the Cantrips Known column of the Hel Savant table.

Spell Slots

The Hel Savant table shows how many spell slots you have. The table also shows what the level of those slots is; all of your spell slots are the same level. To cast one of your Hel Savant spells of 1st level or higher, you must expend a spell slot. You regain all expended spell slots when you finish a short or long rest.

Spells Known of 1st level and Higher: At 3rd level, you know 1 1st-level spells of your choice from the Warlock spell list. The Spells Known column of the Hel Savant table shows when you learn more warlock spells of your choice of 1st level or higher. A spell you choose must be of a level no higher than what’s shown in the table’s Slot Level column for your level. Additionally, when you gain a level in this class, you can choose one of the warlock spells you know and replace it with another spell from the warlock spell list, which also must be of a level for which you have spell slots.

Spellcasting Ability: Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for your warlock spells, so you use your Wisdom whenever a spell refers to your spellcasting ability In addition, you use your Wisdom modifier when setting the saving throw DC for a warlock spell you cast when making an attack roll with one.

Spell Save DC: 8 + your proficiency bonus + Wisdom modifier

Spell Attack modifier: Your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier

Hel Fire’s Body

At 6th level, your mutating body has already adapted to the rigors of subtle infusions of Hel-energies coursing through your body. When assigning evolution points to the energy dampening body evolution and choose fire as the damage type you resist, you also gain resistance to necrotic damage. If you instead assign enough evolution points to gain immunity against fire, you also gain immunity against necrotic damage. This is a permanent modification of the energy dampening body evolution. Finally, if you suffer from vulnerability to either fire damage or necrotic damage, you lose one of these permanently upon gaining this class feature.

Hel Fire’s Assault

At 11th level, your weaponized evolutions brim with the powers of Hel fire. When assigning evolution points to the energy mutation improved weaponized evolution and choose fire as the damage type you inflict with the evolution, you may choose to instead have your weaponized evolution cause Helfire damage, which is half fire and half necrotic damage. Additionally, when you hit a creature with a mutation attack that deals Helfire damage, that creature has disadvantage on the next saving throw it makes against a spell you cast before the end of your next turn.

The Road to Hel

At 17th level, your connection with the forces of Hel makes you the grim reaper of the underworld.

Whenever you successfully kill a creature by using Hel fire via your mutation attacks, it is treated as though you had fashioned a blood candle from it, receiving the benefits of fulfilling the Toll of Souls and gaining the benefits of fashion blood candle. Additionally, whenever you successfully send someone to hell, you may use your favor of Hel class feature again, as though you had completed a short or long rest.

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