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Crimson Witch

Crimson witches use their mastery of blood and life to cripple, curse, and kill. They are what most conjure to mind when thinking of bloodweavers and are widely feared, often by their own people.

Potent Disciplines

At 1st level, whenever you use a discipline that deals damage to a creature other than you, add your Constitution modifier to the damage dealt. When the discipline targets multiple creatures, choose one target to take this extra damage. In addition, you learn the Stop Flow minor discipline.

Pernicious Disciplines

Starting at 5th level, you may spend 1 additional reservoir point when activating a discipline. When you do so, one creature targeted by the discipline has disadvantage on saving throws made to resist it.

Devious Disciplines

At 9th level, when you force a target to make a Constitution saving throw, you can choose to force it to make a Wisdom saving throw instead.

Improved Pernicious Disciplines

At 14th level, when you use Pernicious Disciplines against a creature, it has disadvantage on subsequent saving throws made to resist the effects of that use of the discipline. In addition, the range of all of your of harmful disciplines increases by 30 feet.

Death Curse

At 18th level, you can work your bloodweaving from great distances. You are able to use disciplines to affect a living creature at any range so long as it is on the same plane and you have a sample of its blood, hair, or flesh that was taken within the last day.

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