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Monster Tricks

As a monster tamer you learn monster tricks you can teach to your pet. If a trick has prerequisites, you must meet them to learn it. You can learn the monster trick at the same time that you meet its prerequisites. A level prerequisite refers to your level in this class.

All pets know the Disengage and Dodge actions, and the Attack and Stay monster tricks.

Trainable Creatures

A “trainable creature” is a creature with the aberration, beast, dragon, monstrosity, or ooze type that has a CR no higher than your Pet CR (see the Monster Tamer table) and an Intelligence no higher than 5.

Pets and Features

A pet having a feature or trait and the pet being actively commanded to use it are two different things.

Rust monsters being walked through a city will bristle as they locate large metal objects, a despondent darkmantle may try to camouflage itself from its owner, and a mischievous mimic might play pranks on their tamer. When and where a pet uses its features without being commanded is determined by its locale and entirely at the G M’s discretion.


You command your pet to make a single attack against a target you choose that is within its reach. If your pet is capable of making multiple attacks, you can give one attack command for each attack you would make that turn instead of taking the Attack action. At 11th level, instead of taking the Attack action you can command your pet to make its full number of attacks using Multiattack.

Carry Rider

Prerequisite(s): Medium or larger pet

Your pet can be used as a mount. A pet usually used as a mount (like a horse) does not require this Monster Trick to be ridden. Your pet’s carrying capacity doesn’t change but you may be able to ride particularly strong creatures the same size as you.


You teach your pet how to disrupt the environment.

You can command your pet to distract a creature, causing the target to make Constitution saving throws to maintain concentration of a spell with disadvantage until the start of your pet’s next turn.

You can also command your pet to muddle tracks behind the party, making creatures following you using Wisdom (Survival) checks to do so with disadvantage.


Prerequisite(s): 5th level

You can command your pet to protect an area, object, or person you choose. Your pet follows the target, attacks creatures that touch the target, and remains with the target until you die or command it to do otherwise.


You can command your pet to hunt for a creature or object. Your pet has advantage on Wisdom (Survival) checks made to track creatures or items known to it.


Prerequisite(s): 5th level

You can command your pet to harass a creature within its reach, making it difficult for the target to attack effectively. Until the start of your pet’s next turn, the target has disadvantage on attack rolls.


Prerequisite(s): 5th level

You can command your pet to amble about carefully, avoiding opportune strikes from enemies. On its turn your pet moves half its speed without provoking opportunity attacks.

Pack Tactics

Prerequisite(s): 7th level

Your pet has advantage on attack rolls against a creature if at least one of your allies is within 5 feet of the creature and the ally isn’t incapacitated. In addition, if using the flanking rules your pet always attempts to move into flanking position when attacking a creature.


You can command your pet to perform an acrobatics or pantomime routine. When you do so as part of a Charisma (Performance) check you have advantage on that check.

Second Wind

Prerequisite(s): 7th level

You teach your pet how to push itself beyond its normal limitations. When below half its total hit points, your pet can use its reaction to spend Hit Dice to heal. The pet only heals half as many hit points from these Hit Dice as normal.


You can command your pet to remain in an area you point to. Your pet stays in the area until you die, it has missed four meals, or you command it to do something else.

Unnatural Behavior

You teach your pet an unnatural behavior. This might be to sit on a bench and drink from a cup like a person, wear clothing and walk upright, or any other activity the GM deems suitable.

Use Feature

Prerequisite(s): 5th level

You can command your pet to use a feature or trait that does not require a recharge or have expended uses.

Use Limited Feature

Prerequisite(s): 1 0th level

You can command your pet to use a feature or trait that requires recharging or has expended uses.


You can command your pet to do labor. Its carrying capacity increases by half. In addition, depending on its body type and attacks your pet might be able to cut down trees, dig holes and trenches, or perform any other labor the GM deems suitable. ??

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