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You have never fit in with others of your kind but find no ostracization among the things many decry as monsters, discovering a new kinship with creatures that inspire revulsion and fear in the hearts of narrow-minded fools.

Monstrosity Pets

At 1st level, you gain a pet of the monstrosity type of a CR no higher than your maximum. Your pet requires a specific kind of food (determined by the GM) at least three times each day.

Sample Monstrous Pets
Pet CR
Cockatrice* ½
Darkmantle ½
Rust Monster* ½
Worg ½
Death Dog 1
Hippogriff* 1
Ankhe 2
Grick 2
Griffon 2
Mimic 2
Basilisk 3
Owlbear 3
Phase Srider 3
Winter Wolf 3
Bulette 5
Gorgon 5
Roper 5
Chimera 6
Hydra 8

* GMs should carefully consider whether these creatures are viable pets, determining the impact they’ll have depending on the campaign or setting.

Devoted Monster

At 5th level, your pet has formed a bond with you that keeps it strong and healthy. Any pet of a CR lower than your maximum now increases its maximum hit points and Hit Dice by 1d4 per monster tamer level.

Pride of the Wild

At 10th level, your pet gains a sense of pride being around you. Any pet of a CR lower than your maximum now gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls. This bonus increases to +2 at 15th level, and +3 at 20th level.

Ravenous Hunger

At 15th level, your pet finds nourishment in the thrill of its kills. Any pet of a CR lower than your maximum now receives 1d8 temporary hit points any time it kills a creature.

Undeniable Prowess

At 20th level, your pet becomes an embodiment of death. It regains 2d8 temporary hit points when it kills a creature, and deals 1d12 extra damage on its next successful hit.

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