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Power Appliances

The following are examples of some combinations of Constructions and Affect-Engines. If you find a complete object, such as a cart, then simply attaching the appropriate Affect-Engine(s) makes it function as below.

Frost Cage

Requirements: 4 poles + 1 cold engi n e

Size: Variable

Using 4 poles with a height between s and 10 feet to form the corners of a box, you craft a Medium-sized cage of ice that forms within 1 minute of attaching the cold engine (escape DC 20). The ice has vulnerability to fire, AC 14, and 10 hit points. If you so choose, the cage can have a door with a lock that uses a cold engine as the key. If the cold engine is removed or destroyed, the ice melts within 1 hour.

Each additional cold engine increases the size of the cage by one category, height by 5 feet, escape DC by 1, AC by 2, and hit points by 10.

Grapnel Gun

Requirements: 100 gp of material + 50-150 ft. of rope + 2 lightning engines

Size: Tiny

Weight: 4 lbs.

You craft a hand crossbow-like device that fires a retractable, detachable line with a hooked or clawed end. As an action, you can launch the line at an appropriate surface like a rock ceiling or wooden beam, and make a spell attack (range 50/150 ft.) against AC 12. On a success, the line hooks or wraps onto the surface.

You can use a bonus action to retract or detach the line. Retracting the line pulls you so feet towards the surface. The line can retract a weight up to 15 times your Intelligence score or support up to 30 times your Intelligence score. Each additional attached lightning engine doubles these values.

Hand Rocket

Requirements: 5 gp of m aterial + 1 flame engine

Size: Small

You craft a finned, aerodynamically pointed, cylindrical object no greater than 2 feet in length and 4 inches in diameter. You can use an action and expend a 1st level spell slot to launch the rocket. It flies 600 feet in a straight line, then falls at the start of your next turn. For each lightning engine attached, you may program two 45 degree turns during its flight. For each cold engine attached, double the number of rounds it flies.

Creatures in the rocket’s path must make a Dexterity saving throw or take 3d6 bludgeoning damage. The rocket takes the same amount of damage. If the rocket’s hit points are reduced to o, it and any attached Affect-Engines are destroyed.

At Higher Levels. When you expend a spell slot of 3rd level or higher, increase the rocket’s flight distance per round by 300 feet and the damage dealt by 3d6. When you expend a spell slot of 5th level or higher, increase its flight distance per round by 600 feet and the damage dealt by 6d6.

Home Brewery

Requirements: 50 gp of material + 5 sp of ingredients + 1 flame engine + l lightning engine

Size: Small

Weight: 60 lbs.

You craft a portable brewery capable of concocting some of your favorite ales, beers, and lagers. Thanks to the mysteries of science it only takes 72 hours to brew and ferment a single batch of a dozen bottles!

When a batch is finished make a DC 10 Intelligence (brewer’s supplies) check. A creature can use an action to chug a bottle, gaining temporary hit points equal to the result of your check minus 10 (minimum 1). The creatures must also make a Constitution saving throw (DC 5 + 5 per additional bottle chugged in the last hour) or be poisoned. The temporary hit points and poisoned condition last for 1 hour. A creature already poisoned from your brew gains one level of exhaustion from a failed saving throw.

Portable Forge

Requirements: 1 cart + 150 gp of material + 1 flame engine + 1 cold engine

Size: Large

Weight: 500 lbs.

You craft a cart-mounted forge able to serve most of your metalworking needs, used to shape metal and produce finished metal works up to a total value of 100 gp. This forge does not come pre-supplied with raw materials. With a second flame engine and 10 times as much material cost, you can make an immobile master forge that weighs 2,500 lbs. and is able to produce metal works of any value.

Power Tool

Requirements: any handheld tool + 1 gp of material + 1 lightning engine

Size: Variable

You upgrade a tool like a crowbar, hammer, or shovel with motors. You have advantage on ability checks made using a Power Tool. When either result on a d20 is s or less, the Power Tool and Affect Engine break apart. When you would already have advantage on an ability check using a Power Tool, add your Intelligence modifier.

Power Torch

Requirements: 1 torch + 1 flame engine

Size: Tiny

This torch is illuminated by science, spreading bright light in a 20-foot-radius and dim light 20 feet beyond that. You can use a bonus action to turn a Power Torch on and off.

Rocket Barding

Requirements: any barding + 1 flame engine + 1 flame engine per mount’s size category above Medium

Size: Variable

You can use a bonus action and expend a 1st level spell slot to activate a mount’s rocket barding, allowing it to take the Dash action as a bonus action once on each of its turns. The rocket barding remains active for 1 minute or until you use a bonus action to deactivate it. Each attached cold engine increases the duration by 1 minute. At the GM’s discretion, unaccustomed mounts may react poorly to wearing rocket barding.

Rocket-Powered Vehicle

Requirements: 1 cart or sled + 2 flame engines

Size: Large

The vehicle gains a base speed of 40 feet. It cannot be used to Dash or Disengage. Once per turn, the driver can use an action to adjust the speed of the vehicle anywhere from 0 to 40 feet, or use its reaction to hit the brakes and stop the vehicle’s movement. At the end of the round a vehicle in motion takes a second movement at the last speed it was set at until it is destroyed, its Affect-Engines are destroyed or removed, or the vehicle moves more than 100 feet from the tinkerer.

By using a flame engine and lightning engine during its construction, you can make a rocket-powered water vehicle.

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