The kingpin has some less-than-forthright desires and knows that one must fight dirty to get an advantage in this world. The kingpin teaches that people are either wolves or sheep, and her squad is full of those who don’t want to be sheep.



The kingpin realizes that a leader and a squad of soldiers stick out like a sore thumb, highly undesirable for her kind of work. She trains with her squad to blend in. Whenever the kingpin or her squad are in area with plenty of people, they can blend into the crowd while still being ready to mobilize for a fight at a moment’s notice. In such a situation, the kingpin adds half her general level to Stealth and Deception checks to avoid notice, and the squad suffers no penalty to such checks for being a giant cohesive squad. The kingpin can use Stealth and Deception to blend in with her own squad.

After doing so, as long as she takes no other action than to keep moving in the squad’s squares, opponents can’t determine that she is important enough to target unless they defeat her Dexterity (Stealth) or Charisma (Deception) check with a Wisdom (Perception) or Wisdom (Insight) check respectively, preventing them from targeting her or making an attack roll specifically against her. If the kingpin makes an attack against an opponent who doesn’t notice her within her squad, on a hit, she deals an additional 1d6 damage, but at that point, she has taken an action, so the enemy automatically notices her.

Truth Foil

At 7th level, the kingpin repeats her mantras of deceit until even her own mind is malleable to her will.

Anyone who uses a magical effect against the kingpin that would detect her lies or force her to speak the truth, must succeed at an ability check using their spellcasting ability against a DC of 8 + the kingpin’s proficiency bonus + the kingpin’s Intelligence modifier, or the effect does not detect the kingpin’s lies or force her to speak only the truth, but the caster is convinced that the magic is still working.

Puppetmaster without a Name

At 15th level, the kingpin has erased her own name from the records and replaced it with an alias, and she spreads misinformation and misdirection into the minds of so many people, that even magic begins to pick up the wrong information. When someone wishes to use a spell or effect to gather information about her through divination magic, they must succeed at the check described in Truth Foil or pick up misinformation based on the kingpin’s alias (perhaps seeing a false vision when scrying).

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