The mindbender has with her a group of thralls she’s enslaved into service using her magical guiles.


Mind Meld

At 3rd level, the mindbender can communicate with her squad in a weakly telepathic way. This means the squad does not need to see or hear the mindbender, as she sends the commands straight to their minds. When the general gives a command using mind meld, until the beginning of her next turn, the mindbender can communicate telepathically with her squad, as long as the squad is within 100 feet. The squad can communicate back with the mindbender until the beginning of her next turn.

Hidden and Subtle Tells

At 7th level, by reading small expressions and mannerisms, combined with her latent telepathy, the mindbender gains certain benefits when interacting with creatures. She gains advantage on any check to determine if a creature if being influenced by mind or emotion affecting magic (e.g. charm person, suggestion, or cause fear). She further gains advantage on any roll to notice and decode hidden signals being passed between creatures (e.g. a subtle nod that means “cut her purse while we’re chatting”).

Psychic Interference

At 13th level, the mindbender can cause her squad to capitalize on the chaotic energy of fighting to distort the minds of those around the squad, making them easier to influence magically. As an action, the squad can cause all creatures within its chaos of combat to gain disadvantage on Wisdom saving throws. This does not affect the mindbender or her squad. Since it relies on the chaotic enterprise of combat, it can only be used during combat encounters.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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