The noble’s highborn breeding provides her avenues available to few others, and she trained under the finest tutors in the land. It is no surprise, then, that her skill as a general combines the styles favored by the great generals she read about in her studies to create something all her own.


Noble Schooling

At 3rd level, the quality schooling that the noble received taught her more than her lower-born peers at the military academy about a variety of topics. She gains proficiency in any one skill of her choice.

Noblesse Oblige

At 7th level, the noble is a consummate and beloved patron of the arts, and her family’s vast estates allow her to provide generous endowments. She may maintain the endowments for one building, allowing the kingdom to ignore the consumption cost of those endowments. This does not require the use of an Endowment Edict.

Friends in High Places

At 13th level, the noble’s influence reaches far. In any town of village size or larger, the noble knows at least one person of prominence and influence, or several at the GM’s discretion.

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