The redeemer truly believes that there is good in everyone, and she will go to any length to give others a second chance. Her squad is proof of her vision, as each member left behind a dark past for the brighter future the redeemer offered him.


Support Network

Not everyone the redeemer helps joins her squad, and when taken together, she leaves behind a trail of friends and potential future contacts, able to help when needed.

In any settlement of village size or larger, the redeemer can find several friendly inhabitants willing to provide information and comfort, but it is up to GM discretion if any of them are willing to go beyond that.

Withheld Blade

At 7th level, the redeemer gains take prisoners as a bonus stratagem. If she already knows this stratagem, she may select any other.

Voice of Comfort

At 15th level, the redeemer can converse with someone for an hour and help them find their path in the darkness. This removes any mind or emotion affecting effect afflicting the person. This cannot remove curses.

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