Fear is a tool. It can be as protective as plate mail and as penetrating as a quarrel in flight. The tyrant realizes that it is more effective for a general to be feared than loved.


Traumatic Fear

At 3rd level, the tyrant understands how to strike fear into the hearts of others that persists in their nightmares; after all, she practices this technique on her own squad every day. She gains intimidating presence, as the Barbarian ability.

Nightmare Strike

At 7th level, the tyrant can use her squad to menace her foes. Whenever the tyrant gives the attack command, as a bonus action, she can use traumatic fear ability against the squad’s target.

Frightful Presence

At 13th level, lesser foes dare not fight against the tyrant and her squad. Any hostile creature of Challenge less than half the general’s level who attempts to attack the tyrant or her squad must save against the tyrant’s traumatic fear ability first, or be affected by it as normal.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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