Some generals fight for principles, to defend their homeland, or to make peace, but for a warbringer, war is in her blood, and she wouldn’t know what to do with herself if there weren’t battles to fight and enemies to crush. The soldiers who follow her share in her unquenchable bloodlust.


Blood Rage

At 3rd level, the warbringer’s love of war and blood can strengthen her during battle. She gains the Rage ability as a Barbarian, but her damage bonus and rages per long rest never increase from 2.

Energizing Death

At 7th level, any time during an encounter that the warbringer reduces an opponent to 0 hit points, she gains advantage on her next attack roll.

Chaos of Me

At 13th level, a warbringer brings the chaos of war with her wherever she goes. She projects a 30-foot aura that has the same effect as her squad’s chaos of combat ability.

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