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Battles are often won or lost before they ever begin. A brutish thug or ignorant warrior charges into combat without regard to terrain or obstacles.

The Tactician, on the other hand, analyzes the battlefield, conducting the fight in their mind’s eye before the action begins. Once combat is joined, the Tactician adapts and adjusts to the changing tempo. By means of brain over brawn, the Tactician defeats their enemies, often before the first blow is struck.

Brilliant Strategist

At 3rd level, add your Intelligence modifier to all initiative checks. A number of allies equal to your Intelligence modifier within 60 feet of you also gain a bonus equal to half your Intelligence modifier (rounded down, minimum +0).

Commander’s Call

At 7th level, when you take the help action, you can aid a number of allies within 60 feet equal to your Intelligence modifier.

Directed Assault

At 10th level, as a bonus action, you direct an ally you can see within 60 feet to perform an attack action. That ally can take a single attack action or move up to 15 feet on your turn. This movement does not provoke opportunity attacks. If attacking, your ally gains a bonus to that attack roll equal to your Intelligence modifier (min. +0).

Marshall Troops

At 15th level, any allies within 60 feet who can hear or see you gain an immediate saving throw to end any fear effect they currently suffer with a bonus equal to your Intelligence modifier. In addition, a number of allies equal to your Intelligence modifier may expend a recovery die as a reaction.

Decisive Tactics

At 18th level, when you use your Action Surge feature, you can instead grant the additional action to any ally you can see within 60 feet.

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