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School Dilettante

Wizards who fail to focus in a single arcane tradition are called dilettantes—spellcasters of many trades, but masters of none. This practice is somewhat frowned upon by the wizarding community at large, who often views the dilettante as possessing a mere fraction of the arcane knowledge they possess. Dilettantes argue the opposite to be true—in generalizing, they possess a greater understanding of magic.

Wizard Level Feature
2nd Arcane Dilettante
6th Eureka Moment
10th Spell Synergy
14th Spell Slinging

Arcane Dilettante

Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, you may choose to halve the gold or time you must spend to copy a spell into your spellbook.

Eureka Moment

At 6th level, whenever you regain your spells following a long rest, you can choose one wizard spell that you have not copied into your spellbook for each wizard spell level you can cast.

You gain the ability to prepare that spell as though it were copied into your spellbook. This benefit lasts until you regain your spells following a long rest, at which point you can choose a new wizard spell or keep the previous one. You cannot copy a spell that you have prepared using Eureka Moment into your spellbook, nor can use such spells to craft magic items.

Spell Synergy

Beginning at 10th level, you can combine multiple, disparate spells together into a unified whole. When you prepare your wizard spells, you can designate a number of those spells as synergize spells. The maximum number of spells you can designate as synergy spells is equal to your Intelligence modifier.

When preparing a synergized spell, you may prepare two spells of the same spell level that belong to different schools as a single wizard spell of one spell level higher. The casting time for a synergized spell is equal to the longer casting time of its two components. When you cast a synergized spell, it creates the effects of both spells, which take effect separately as though you had used a separate action for each spell.

Spell Slinging

At 14th level, whenever you cast a wizard spell with a casting time of an action, you can then cast any other wizard spell with a casting time of an action that belongs to a different school of magic (or schools, if your last spell was a synergy spell) as a bonus action.

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