In a world of goblinoids, undead and monsters, there is an infinite variety of threats from which one can paint a portrait of danger. While adventurers seek out these nemeses, simple common folk eke an existence wherever they may.

Unfortunately, they find they rank rather highly on the menus of these creatures. Whether the threat comes from orcs, ogres, trolls, a random dragon of any hue to even a band of ravenous kobolds, most commoners do not have the capability to defend against a well organized threat. Many homesteaders, consequently, fall prey to the countless hordes of iniquitous and unconscionable villains leaving behind merely a shell of their former lives. Sometimes in the aftermath of these raids a baby might be left, frightened, alone and terribly afraid. In most cases, exposure to the elements claims these poor, abandoned children; their fragile forms too weak to stand against nature. Any number of carrion animals seeking an easy meal devours others. However, in some rare cases, a wandering or curious animal such as a wolf, ape or other semi-intelligent species will care for these abandoned babes. By adulthood, these unusual individuals adopt the traits and mannerisms of their foster family and are capable, if unsettling, warriors.

Feature: Raised By Animals

All abandoned barbarians must choose the type of animal that raised them. Possible animals include: Ape, Baboon, Bear (black), Boar, Cheetah, Leopard, Lion, Monkey, Tiger or Wolf. At will, the character may speak to any animal of his chosen type as if under the influence of speak with animals.

Suggested Characteristics

An abandoned character will leave his foster family usually at such a time when he realizes he is entirely different from his adopted kin. Sometimes, the abandoned will see more if his kind while venturing through the trackless wilds of the wilderness. Abandoned may be discovered by an adventuring party, though communication is difficult, involving much in the way of pantomime.

Perhaps these heroes feel sympathy for this lost soul and welcome him into their fold. In any event, once the trigger occurs, the insatiable need to find out whom and what he is consumes him. This desire colors all of his actions until he discovers the truth about his past.

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