Learning is center stage in your life. You probably own more books than anyone you know, and you know your way around the cadences of academic writing and speech — in other words, you know how to sound erudite, informed on a subject even when you’ve only got a surface-level understanding, and you’re able to convince others you know what you’re talking about. In addition, that basic understanding is, for you, a gateway to more learning, because you’ve done so much research you could probably do it in your sleep at this point.

Skill Proficiencies: Choose two from Investigation, History, Religion, Nature, or Persuasion.

Tool Proficiencies: Choose two from alchemist’s tools, navigator’s tools, cartographer’s tools

Equipment: Notebooks, textbooks, a set of common clothes, your tools

Feature: Researcher

When you don’t know a particular piece of information, you can deduce where you might find it. Typically, this is from a sage, a library, a university, or another such source of learning. Your GM might rule that difficult-to-find knowledge is available but difficult to access, such as buried in a forgotten temple or hidden in the library of a notoriously wicked noble. The deeper the secret, the greater the effort necessary to unearth it; only the deepest and most obfuscated knowledge should be totally out of reach of a dedicated researcher, however.

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