Alien Invader

You are not of this world; you are an alien from beyond the stars or even another reality. Sent as the first preparations to expand your empire’s hold on the universe, you’ve been physically modified to mix well with the inhabitants of this primitive place. It’s your job to discover as much as you can about this land and to report your findings back to your leaders. Additional instructions are to weaken defenses, stir uprisings, and even conquer the planet yourself if possible. Be careful though, the locals probably would not take kindly to your machinations if they discovered who you really were. Why were you chosen to lead this dangerous mission? What does your species true form look, sound, and smell like? How do the societies of this world differ from how your world works? Are you sure you’re the only aliens trying to take over this world.

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Performance

Tool Proficiencies: Disguise kit

Languages: One of your choice

Equipment: A disguise kit, a log of outdated information about your target world, out of style traveler’s clothes, a broken communication device linked to your home world, a satellite link, an alien device the behaves strangely similar to a common magical item (work with your GM to determine which common magic item this device replicates)

Feature: Satellite Surveillance

Cloaked in orbit there is an alien satellite that can be used to gather information on the world around you. It is usually only within range about half of the day and can only use more advanced features a few moments of each day. Typically, it can get you a general lay of the land or even a moderately detailed aerial view. More advanced features may be able to zoom into a specific area to get a count of foes, record a few seconds of video, scan a few feet into the ground, or even correctly identify a target within a crowd. Though it is often reliable, it can sometimes make grave errors that jeopardize your entire mission.

Suggested Characteristics

Alien invaders tend to be constantly out of their element. Though you may be competent and highly regarded of on your own world, you likely have trouble adapting to this one. Simple tasks and objects may simultaneously confound, infuriate, and fascinate you. Your bizarre actions are regularly noticed by those around you, sometimes drawing unwanted attention and sometimes putting your entire mission and life at risk. and after too much time on this world, you may begin to forget your original home and start adapting some of the more interesting customs of those you’ve been sent to investigate. Though you are an alien, your body has been modified to fit in with the local population. You have the physical characteristics of any species you choose, including special abilities and ability score improvements. Alternatively, any species can be “alien” to a given world and you may take all of their abilities, even if your outward appearance is that of a completely different species. Though you may look like a species and have been trained to act like them, you do not think like them and it may take years to fit in unnoticed.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I am the best invader my world had to offer, and I am going to live up to that standard.
2 I really don’t agree with the way my leaders run our society.
3 I must meticulously catalogue all I can before we destroy this world.
4 This is just an extended vacation for me.
5 I’m pretty sure this assignment is fake but I’m going to give it my best anyway.
6 Everything here makes me sick. This planet needs to be expunged.
7 What are these “emotions” everyone here seems so obsessed with?
8 Kill all humanoids!
d6 Ideal
1 Sampler. Have you tried this food!? (Any)
2 Renegade. My empire is evil, and I will help this world prepare against the coming invasion. (Good)
3 Conqueror. I will stoke the fires of war and burn this planet to ashes. (Evil)
4 Alpha Directive. It is my job only to oversee and observe, not to interfere in any way. (Law)
5 New Life. I can live how I want, when I want. (Chaos)
6 Magic? The technology here seems to surpass our own by centuries. I must discover how they are able to seemingly cast magic. (Neutral)
d6 Bond
1 I’ve fallen in love with a local, but they can never know my true identity.
2 It’s all about me and everyone else can kiss my metaphorical alien behind.
3 My allegiance is to my commanders and no one else.
4 This world is beautiful. Maybe I can convince my dying planet to slowly colonize instead of conquering?
5 I have taken a special interest in a particular bloodline and have been working for centuries to see them rise to power.
6 I will befriend every animal, or dye trying.
d6 Flaw
1 I’ve been here so long I can’t remember if I really am an alien or if I just imagined that.
2 My life, and by extension everyone else’s, is worthless.
3 I was never supposed to be in charge of this mission and have no idea what I am doing.
4 I can’t help but tell everyone about my secret mission, but nobody ever seems to believe me!
5 I fall so easily for the cheap vices of this world and seem to adopt a new one weekly.
6 It’s not technically cannibalism if I’m not really one of them.
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