Though Rome has grown to great heights in the eight centuries since its founding, there are many empires and cultures that came before it. You have dedicated your life to uncovering the secrets of these ancient civilizations as a member of the Antiquarian Order, Rome’s foremost experts in history and archeology. You have been educated to recognize the art and artifacts from such grand and ancient cultures as Babylon, Egypt, China, the Indus Empires, and numerous others. Such is the renown of the Antiquarian Order that its members are regularly sought after to accompany teams of adventurers on expeditions into ancient ruins and forgotten tombs. Though the danger is often great, members of the Order readily volunteer for the chance to discover a yet-unknown relic from a lost civilization.

Skill Proficiencies: History, Investigation

Tool Proficiencies: One set of artisans’ tools of your choice.

Languages: One of your choice.

Equipment: A set of common clothing, an artifact of your choice worth 10 gold coins, a bag containing 15 gold coins.

Feature: No Secrets

When attempting to determine the origin of a relic or ruin you always know which culture created it, provided they belong to the Old World. Feature: It belongs in (my) Museum

Such is your penchant for collecting antiques and oddities that it often borders on kleptomania. You gain advantage on any sleight of hand attempts to steal antiques and relics.

d6 Personality Trait
1 I know that I studied at the world’s greatest academies and think little of those who learned elsewhere.
2 I am eager to spread my knowledge and will happily share with those who wish to learn.
3 I am a curmudgeon and lash out at those who irritate me.
4 I don’t actually care for antiques, but it’s a great way to make money.
5 I am quite stingy with my knowledge and share it only with those I deem worthy.
6 I prefer the company of my antiques to that of people.
d6 Ideal
1 Power: Some say knowledge is power; Knowledge lets me know that power is power. I seek to concentrate as much in my hands as I can.
2 Wealth: I have lived at the bottom for to long, I will have wat I am owed.
3 Knowledge: Only through knowledge can we unravel the mysteries of the past.
4 Order: It’s easier to get work done when things are well ordered.
5 Fame: I wish to become renowned for my discoveries.
6 Victory: History helps us see where we went wrong, and how to correct these mistakes in the battles to come.
d6 Bond
1 My signet ring, a gift from the teacher who instructed me and one of their first finds.
2 I am restless in cities and towns; I feel connected to being in the field.
3 Knowledge is the only company I need.
4 My tools, without them I couldn’t work.
5 A fellow antiquarian with whom I share a close connection.
6 The first artifact I ever found, it started me down this journey.
d6 Flaw
1 I am incredibly jealous of those with more knowledge than me.
2 I’m lazy, an honest day’s work is a great punishment to me.
3 I am a coward, what good is loot if you’re dead?
4 I am incredibly greedy, I will attempt to take all the best spoils, even if it means lying to my comrades.
5 My drive for antiques causes me to disregard the danger of my choices.
6 I refuse to admit being wrong, even when I know the other party is right.
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