Creativity is your lifeblood. As a child, you doodled in the margins even when you were told not to, and as an adult you’ve trained your skills to the point where — if you want to — you could actually make money doing this. You’re no stranger to paint-stained fingers, hands that smell of photographic development chemicals, or wrist braces to guard against the repetitive stress injuries of creating digital art. Your eye is ever on the lookout for inspiration, for something that will find its way into a piece you’re thinking of, directly or otherwise. One might think that art is a luxury, but that’s a far cry from the truth. Your eye for detail is sharp like few others, and your fine dexterity is the envy of thieves’ guilds and wizards alike. Nobles will pay good money for portraiture, if that’s more your line, or you might turn your hand to forgery. Either way, you’ve a set of indispensable skills.

Skill Proficiencies: Choose two from Insight, Investigation, Perception, or Sleight of Hand

Tool Proficiencies: Two different sets of artisan’s tools (such as calligrapher’s supplies, glassblower’s tools, jeweler’s tools, painter’s supplies, potter’s tools, or woodcarver’s tools), or one set of artisan’s tools and a forgery kit

Equipment: Artisan’s tools or a forgery kit

Feature: A Thousand Words

You’re adept at crafting pieces that speak to others, not in words but with a more direct connection. A piece of art is always a valid way for you to attempt to influence others. Against crowds, you can only evoke general feelings, but when a piece is intended for a single recipient the effect can cut much deeper. You may use Dexterity checks instead of Persuasion when attempting to influence others through your art.

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