You served in the Roman Army in the Auxiliary corps. Unlike the well-trained and equipped citizens that make up the Imperial Legions, the auxiliary is a motley group consisting of noncitizens living within the Imperial Provinces. To the citizen soldiers of the legions, the Auxiliary are seen as little more than expendable barbarians. Though ostensibly voluntary like the Legions, most Auxiliary soldiers feel they have little choice but to join. Towns and villages that provide large numbers of Auxiliary soldiers are granted more favor from Rome, and a soldier’s commitment to the Auxiliary Corps directly impacts the lives of their friends and families. Unlike the Legions, you were made to pay for your own arms and equipment. Many of your cohort were equipped with little more than sharpened sticks and tanned leather armor. Auxiliary who proved themselves and survived through multiple campaigns will often find themselves better equipped, having both scavenged arms and armor from their fallen enemies and having purchased better (often second-hand) equipment from the Legions.

After having served and survived for a decade in the Auxiliary you gained the ultimate prize however: Roman citizenship. You are now allowed to vote in senatorial elections and run for local magisterial offices. Though still looked down upon by many of the Latin-born citizens of the Empire, you hold your head high, knowing you have earned your place in the empire through sweat and blood.

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Survival

Tool Proficiencies: Proficiency with knucklebones.

Languages: One of your choice.

Equipment: A set of auxiliary’s clothing including a red runic, sandals, and gloves. A set of knucklebones and cook’s utensils. A bag containing 10 gold coins.

Feature: Between Worlds

You are a proud citizen of the Empire, having fought and spilled blood in its name to earn your place within. Your years in the corps have not washed away the culture you once belonged to, however, and your sacrifice in leaving your home and surviving to tell the tale has left you a folkhero among your native people. Choose one of the below cultures: Gaulic, Breton, Iberian, Germanic, Illyrian.

You still have friends and contacts among the people of your birth and when traveling their lands, you can call upon this connection. People of your original culture may look favorably upon you and offer you shelter or food. Conversely, some among your people view you as a traitor, and you may on occasion be targeted or harassed by them for having joined their conquerors.

d6 Personality Trait
1 I am haunted by the horrors of war.
2 I am loud and boisterous.
3 I feel bitter resentment towards the Empire for conquering my people.
4 I always follow the rules, even against my interests.
5 I take great pride in my physical prowess.
6 I look for insult where none was given.
d6 Ideal
1 Revenge: I seek to cruelly punish those who have wronged me
2 Duty: Though no longer serving, I still seek to uphold the Empire’s stability.
3 Glory: I want to help expand the Roman borders to new heights.
4 Honor: I seek to find a worthy cause to fight for.
5 Protector: No matter where I am, I strive to help those in need.
6 Consumed by loss: I wander the lands a broken warrior, fighting, stealing and killing as I need.
d6 Bond
1 I have kept my service weapon in pristine condition, it remains an extension of myself.
2 My horse is my closest companion.
3 I remain in contact with other former soldiers from my cohort, they are like family to me.
4 A piece of wood carved into a symbol of my home.
5 My superior officer from my time in service, they offer sage advice.
6 My family, whom I miss dearly.
d6 Flaw
1 Even when in service, I worked poorly with others. I find it hard to make connections.
2 I am stubborn to a dangerous fault.
3 I lie even when there is no need to do so.
4 My belief in the Empire often causes me to get into fights when I hear others insulting it.
5 I am bad with directions and often get lost.
6 I am absent-minded and will sometimes forget to do regular tasks.
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