In the darkest alleys of the few remaining towns, shady individuals who grew up under the nightly cloak of the Lunar Age prowl around, inspired by the endless void that towers over them. These wanderers are experts in oratory, deception, and occult investigation, and develop the ability to unmask the darkest secrets of those they deal with. After a life conducted in unhealthy or poor places, unusual and sometimes disturbing character traits develop in them.

Skill Proficiencies: Stealth or Sleight of Hand; Intimidation or Deception

Other Proficiencies: disguise kit, thieves’ tools

Equipment: silver pendant adorned with a rat skull (worth 10 gp), handcuffs, a rusty knife (counts as a dagger; if you deal a critical hit with it, it breaks), black tunic, a purse with 5 gp, a worn map of the town you once called home.

Feature: Breach Into The Darkness

If you spend 10 minutes talking with a person who does not view you as an enemy, you can make them trust you with their terrible secret, their biggest fear, or the obsession that devours them by making a Charisma (Deception or Intimidation) check (DC 20). If you share your secret, your greatest fear, or your obsession first, you have Advantage on the Ability check. Once this feature is used, it cannot be used against the same person for the next seven days.

d8 Personality Traits
1 I eat my nails when I am nervous.
2 My answers are always in the form of a question.
3 I always keep an eye on the way out.
4 I am curious and attracted to macabre things.
5 When I stare into someone’s eyes, I never look away, and I never blink.
6 The suffering of others leaves me seemingly indifferent.
7 I tend to dress in black only.
8 During idle moments I tend to fiddle with knives and other blades.
d6 Ideals
1 Friendship (good): Material possessions come and go, bonds between people are for life.
2 Sincerity (lawful): The eyes are the mirror of the soul, mine are a transparent glass that shows how I feel.
3 Power (evil): if I become powerful, I can have what I want. In fact, what I deserve!
4 Emotional (chaotic): Emotions must be left free to express themselves.
5 Live and let live (neutral): Hanging on to other people’s affairs only brings trouble.
6 Quid pro Quo (neutral): I help those who help me. Isn’t it simple?
d6 Bonds
1 Something precious has been stolen from me, and I intend to take it back.
2 Someone very important to me died because of my mistake. It is never going to happen again.
3 I would do anything to show that I am not just a nobody.
4 In a dream I saw a great evil, and I could destroy it or bend it to my will.
5 I write down my life in a diary. If I lose it, no one will ever know who I was.
6 I am obsessed with the events of a particular day, and my mother’s face.

direction from which a sound comes. In addition, if they are in such a place, they cannot be surprised by corporeal creatures.

Suggested Features

Those who grew up in a gloomy place like the Enclave are very empathetic towards those who, like them, grew up in situations of poverty, illness, or rejection by the community. They are also skilled explorers, prudent but tenacious adventurers and know how to settle well in underground tunnels, to which they have always been accustomed. They sometimes show naive amazement when they are outdoors and can admire the sky and stars and present themselves as promising members of those parties who need guides in the dungeons, sentries, or vanguards with sharp senses.

d8 Personality Traits
1 I like to slip into cramped spaces where no one can reach me.
2 I like to caress the ground or rock walls.
3 I never face problems directly, I always look for a winding path and yet safer, in my opinion.
4 I think anyone who is nice to me has a second purpose.
5 I have lost a lot of friends; I do not want to lose any more.
6 Teamwork is the best way to achieve a goal.
7 I’m always ecstatic at the sight of the moon.
8 Bright lights bother my eyes.
d6 Ideals
1 Prevarication (evil): Life is all about eating or being eaten, and I am not prey.
2 Memory (lawful): I have to keep my people’s traditions alive, or soon they will be lost forever.
3 Self-improvement (neutral): The purpose of life is to never stop learning, honing, and improving.
4 Introspection (neutral): The only true answers to the questions of life are those found within.
5 Relativism (chaotic): Truth depends on the point of view of each one of us, everyone has the right to their own truth.
6 Empathy (good): I acknowledge my own suffering in the eyes of others, and this encourages me to help others.
d6 Flaws
1 I refuse to wear clothes that are not black or gray; I’d rather die of cold.
2 I am pessimistic and nihilistic, and I often give up hope too soon.
3 I hear veiled insults and sarcasm even in the harmless words of those who did not intend to offend me.
4 I am terribly jealous and possessive of anyone close to me.
5 I am unpredictable and I switch between moments of apathy and explosions of anger and violence, and then sink into desperate weeping.
6 I hide dark thoughts that I have not been able to get out of my head.
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