Enchanted Forest Dweller

Massive and ancient, the Enchanted Forest is an untouched arboreal paradise. Its people, predominantly elves and pixies, are naturally cautious of humans and, to a lesser extent, other people not native to the forest who have a penchant for cutting down trees to make room for brick buildings. Despite this, they are not closed off to outsiders so long as they are respectful of the forest and its people. It should come as no surprise that druids are drawn here more than most other kingdoms.

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, Survival.

Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism kit, your choice of musical instrument

Equipment: A week’s worth of travel rations, 50 feet of hempen rope, a tent, and a bedroll

Feature: The Forest Has Eyes

Under the shade of the ancient trees, the sounds of nature around them, travelers think themselves alone and unheard. They would be foolish to think so, as the inhabitants are keenly aware anytime someone new sets foot in their land. This whisper network stretches from the smallest beetle to the tallest oak, and all the way to the sovereigns of the elves. If someone with ill intent strides into the Enchanted Forest, rarely do they walk back out again. And likewise, an explorer with good intentions may find themself guided as though by an unseen hand to their destination. Within the Enchanted Forest, you can easily find out about recent local events as well as visitors to the Enchanted Forest. Furthermore, both in the Enchanted Forest and outside its borders, deciduous forest never counts as difficult terrain for you.

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