You made a living doing what most people dread: getting up in front of other people and performing. Whether you were a musician, an actor, or a stand-up comic, you put on your game face, got up, and wowed the room — or, at least, did your thing and got paid. You’ve got confidence and hard-earned skill on your side, and used them to carve out a reliable niche to live in. That skill and confidence may still be the only things keeping you alive — but performing to pay your way to things like rent and food is nothing compared to being called on to ply your trade for life and limb! You know how to turn heads and hearts, and that might be the only thing keeping you and your friends from imprisonment, exile, or worse. That’s a lot of pressure. Good thing show business is one of the highest-pressure environments there is — you’re used to that.

Skill Proficiencies: Performance, and Perception or Deception.

Tool Proficiencies: Choose two from any one musical instrument, disguise kit, or any one gaming set

Equipment: Your starting tools

Feature: On Everyone’s Lips

Being the center of attention isn’t just a skill, it’s a passion for you. When you perform, you always draw a crowd unless there’s literally no one around. If they’re unfriendly but not actively hostile, they even let you finish your set before telling you to get lost.

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